3-1 Jackets Roll @ Homecoming. 38-7

The 2018 Llano Yellowjackets took one more step toward “bringing the Jackets back” with a sound 38-7 win Friday night in front of a large Homecoming crowd.  With moistuire in the air, a few light showers, the Jackets ran for over 120 yards and a fine 4 yards average with 7 Jackets carrying the football.  5 more Yellowjackets caught passes.  5 scored touchdowns. And senior Cade Fly threw for 226 Yards and two TD passes. It was a fine night overall.  But the defense showed they too had come to play.

Lago Vista had a good running game.  But time after time the Jackets stopped the Vikings. Three forced punts and two forced fumbles gave the Jackets a 24-0 lead at halftime.  Sophomore Diego Miguel kicked his first varsity field goal of 31 yards with the Jackets first drive.  Ethan Tisdale scored  from the 7 after a short punt by the Vikings. And a Fly to Case Kuykendall pass for 60 yards after a fumble gave Llano all the cushion it needed.

Brooks Keele, back from last weeks scare in Brady caught 2 passes for 57 yards, one a pass in which he out fought two defenders, and then outran both for 48 yards  for the TD.  And senior Joe Pogany had two catches for 42 yards.  Very good hands by Joe.

Round up the usual suspects when it comes to defense. Logan Duggar and Matt Baker, along with Jacob Cruz seen to be in on every tackle.  But this week Presley Lynch I think took the crown.  Maybe Presley’s best game as a Jacket.  Kaleb Dodson, Guillermo Davila, Ryan Warner played lights out.  And I am still being amazed by Quentin Franklin.  I had him  down several times in on every tackle in the series.  The man does not know when to rest!!

Kendall Downey is one of those that plays hard every down.  And senior Drew Cooper has no turn off button.  Full speed.  And that is why this defense is really pretty good.  I do not want to go too far.  6 more games to go.  But these guys are playing very very well.  The true test lie ahead.

Just to mention…Coach Green has many of his starters playing on special teams.  Kick off teams and punting teams.  It takes a special mentality to want to play on those teams.  It is hard.  It can be dangerous.  And it is about “want to”.  Just to mention a few, Donaven Arrellano goes down hard every play.  So does Quentin.  So does senior Thomas Adams.  So does Ryan Warner.  And Diego is doing a great job kicking. This kind of hustle wins games.

San Angelo Lake View will be a different game.  Their record not so good.  But Lake View needs a win badly.  They will be playing their hardest this Friday night in San Angelo. Their quarterback is 6’4, 225 pounds.  Very hard to pull down.  Their best receiver is 6’5, 225 pounds….Justin Yocum, Lynch, Christian Kirby, Tisdale, Adams, Dylan Inge, Case, Quincy Prince, this week you get tested.  Lake View has twice the number of students in high school as Llano.  They are  ahead in the series 1-2.  This will be the Jackets’ hardest game to date.   Their best offensive lineman is 350 pounds.  Get ready Guillermo, Drew., and Kendall, and Tyler Lydell.  Beating Lake View is important.

Thanks to Art Dlugach for the research.  The Jackets had not won three games in a row since 2010.  This momentum is important. I will love to look up for Art next week the last 4 game winning streak.  See you in San Angelo.