Imperfect Jackets Are 3-0…Still Practicing Everyday!!

The 3-0 Llano Yellowjackets beat the rival Brady Bulldogs 49-24 Friday night at Llano’s Homecoming Game.  The score may indicate a great game by Llano.  And by many standards, it was.  But this 2019 Jacket standards may be a bit higher.  So back to practice this week to prepare for a good Lago Vista team.  Llano travels to Lago Vista for the Friday evening game.

The Jackets played an imperfect game against the Bulldogs, won by a convincing 25 points, and most fans were very happy.  But I think the Jackets and  the Coaches knew a little better.  3 turnovers, 9 penalties, and several miss tackles, plus more dropped passes only makes practice more important.

I really think this Jacket team is mature enough to know that improvement is a must.  Getting better every week is the only way the Jackets meet their goals.

The Bad:  Quarterback Braxton Vickers went late into the first quarter before completing a pass.  This was a team effort.  Offensive line was a bit off, with more pressure on Braxton.  Dropped passes.  4 penalties.  Maybe Llano needed this awaking call.  It was not just going to happen because one shows up.  Brady was not going to go away easy.  And you can bet Lago Vista will be thinking Llano may be getting lazy.  Not physically lazy..mentally lazy.  Llano has about three weeks to get ready to play one of the toughest district schedules in the State.  Getting really ready to play Lago Vista is a must.

The Good:  Offensive line kicked it into a higher gear by seeing the Jacket running game catch fire.  Senior running back Donaven Arellano had his best game, with 165 yards rushing.  Maybe more important, Donaven had 27 carries.  Yomens work load.

Braxton was 7 of 11 in the last three quarters for about 184 yards. ( 204 for the game)  Four passes of over 31 yards. Two TD passes.  Case Kuykendall, Quincy Prince, Jared Beasley and John Roberts had important catches.  Thank goodness Llano played hard the last three quarters, rather than the first three quarters.

Aaron Brown had an interception.  Justin Yocum, Joseph Reed, and Luke Keller had good games in the secondary.  Brady quarterback Walker Bauer was 11 of 30 passing. Great pass rush made those numbers very average.

Brady had a 14 play drive in the third quarter.  2 fourth down conversions.  Still great effort from Quentin Franklin, Logan Duggar, and Mason Baker.  Brady narrowed the score to 21-12.  Jackets then got serious and put the game away.

Jackets have scored  141 points in three games.  May need that 47 point game average from this point forward.  Still, it is a lofty goal.

This team does not know yet how good it could be. Playing hard every single down becomes a must if dreams are to be realized. Dream big.  And play harder. And the rest will take care of itself.  OH, and keep your focus.  The penalties at the wrong times can train wreak a good drive, or a good defensive stop.

In every practice, each individual player should pledge to himself to work  on one weakness.  Make it a perfect practice.

Llano by 21 over Lago Vista.