Sept. 27, 2010

Just what the doctor ordered. Come from behind after a luckluster first quarter ( 6 yards total offense). Then pile up 457 yards over the next three quarters. The 42-21 score reflected the game in a good way. Fredericksburg has not won a game, and play calling cost them plenty.
   With a 14-0 lead, and 87 yards passing the first quarter, the ‘Billies switched to the run game, threw for only 40 more yards in the last three quarters, and then only averaged 2.85 yards per running play. Never understood this in my 37 years of observation.
   The defense still misses so many tackles. ‘Billies had 13 plays for 10 yards or more. That’s 20% of the Fredericksburg plays. More gang tackeling is needed. In the first quarter, there was no urgency to get to the ball. There are exceptions. Some of the Jackets really play 100% every play. Many do not. That is the difference in prospects of Llano going to the playoffs. The defense must start helping. Giving up 28 points per game is hard to overcome. While the offense is averaging 25 points. Not great, but Llano will make the playoffs if they can average 25 points in district play, and only give up 22. I know things change, and so do more points in football games. But, the Yellowjacket team that just was honored by being inducted into the Hall of Fame gave up 83 points…in ten games, in 1970!
   Sterling Jameson is so much fun to watch. Every play is as if it is his last. That is how you play football. Sterling plays hard on defense, and I hope we see him with the football more. He is big enough to make yards between the tackels, and fast enough to break it open. He has his first varsity 100 plus game at 130 yards and only 4 carries. His 90 yard run puts him twice now in the Jacket record books…the first one being his 92 yard pass interception run back for a TD a few weeks back. Second longest in history.
   Justin Saverance ! I’ll pay double if that is what it takes to get to see another game like he had against Fredericksburg. The catch of a pass that went the distance of 61 yards was nothing but “wow”. Then the 75 yard run maybe as fine a football run that I have ever seen. Justin is magic in the open field, but when folks are trying to bring him down, holding on is the only way. He never stops, except by natural instinct to make it appear he his going down, and then the burst of quickness, not seen by many. Justin had 94 yards rushing, and 123 yards catching the football. Game tickets are way too cheap.
   Preston Rabb is getting more comfortable at passing and running. Still, his short pass is most likely to connect, and we know he has receivers that can make the big gaines after the catch.
   I’m not sure, but since you asked, I think I would have sophomore Rhett Brooks carry the football 8-10 times a game. Then Sterling about the same. And Saverance could go back to his old poistion of wingback/slot/receiver/decoy/sell popcorn, or whatever…about 15 times a game. With the injuries of Conner Chauncy, Storey Tatsch, and Alex Greer, well players must step up. I know running the ball by committee is hard, but this team will have to make it work.
   Who played better this week? Linebacker Davis Hill had much more involvement. So did Jordan Johnson. Really liked the kicking of John McKay. It seems very natural to him. Zach Barry got hurt a little, but he is one of the big differences as we go along. He will have two weeks to get sound. Great play at limited time for Cody Wisdom. A senior with his first interception. Cody Lang is gettng better. As is Cole Barrett. Michael Rusche had good plays. We need him to get tough, as the corner backs have killer nights ahead as we plan on the play of three slot-t teams in district play. Raven Herron had his best game. This senior needs to lead this secondary to respectability.
   The Jackets are at 3-2, now with a week to heal. Liberty Hill is also 3-2. Burnet is still the team to beat in order to win district. Lampasas is averaging over 350 yards per game in their new slot-t offense. Those are Llano numbers. So we know we must beat at least three of these schools to make the playoffs. With the week off, next week I will talk about the Taylor…Ducks. This game is not negotiable. Llano must win this very important district opener at home.

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