The Yellowjacket defense will be the key tonight as the Taylor Ducks invade the Jackets’ nest.  Rabb and company will score points.  But can the Jackets tackle enough to hold on for the first District 25-3-AAA win?  Llano knows how intensive the slot-t offense can be, and how much pressure it places on the defense.  The pounding, play after play with what appears to be the same play each time, and sometimes into the same spot.  The defense can stop this offense, but allowing long plays, and allowing 10 to 15 play drives will eventually wear the Jackets to the bone.

   Rabb must keep his offense on the field.  Short, quick passes, pounding of Saverance, Jameson, Greer, and Brooks striving for every single inch will pay off.  McKay, Saverance and Center must be sure-handed. And every pass needs to get a first down.  The Jackets can win, but this game is not going to be easy.

  LLano 26   Taylor 18

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