November 13, 2010

   These kind of Saturdays are the saddest of all.  When the football season is over, and you know you are not going to see the seniors in a Yellowjacket uniform ever again.  You know how much these men have in front of them, yet they will forever, look back on these last 12 weeks as maybe their best ever.  We hope not, but if not the best ever, it is the most fun, AND the best ever.  I have spoken to hundreds of former Jackets, and to a one, being a Llano Yellowjacket was their most proud time.

   The kind thing about life, and Llano football is that you don’t really remember the last game as your definning moment.  It was disappointing.  You will always know you could have played better.  But, take solice in knowing, we all could have.  We all would love to have one more chance to make that one block that would have sprung an opening, or one more chance to make that interception, but just missed by inches.  But those moments do not define you as  a Llano Yellowjacket.  What makes you what you are is how you played the game.  You were not the most talented.  You likely were not the fastest, or the strongest, and even the best prepared. But you were, and always will be from a team that holds tradition high, prideful of the past Jackets, just like yourself. You loved the game at times more than you loved yourself.  You played more with your heart than with your feet, and you cared more about your teammates than your own self worth.  That is what separated you from others.  You will forever be a Llano Yellowjacket, and as time goes by, you will look back as the very best time of your life. 

  As I thought about this article, I knew one thing, I  think.  On the Wimberley sidelines were two coaches that had to have some mixed feelings.  Coach Dane Saucier, son of James Saucier,( Llano long time coach) is an old timer for the Texans.  But at one time, he was a tremendous Llano Yellowjacket football player.   And Coach Shawn Cockerham, a former Yellowjacket coach.  These two highly competive men wanted more than anything to beat Llano.  They coach in a very competive school where winning every game is expected.  But I have to believe that had they not been this competitive, they would not be also, forever, Llano Yellowjackets.  I think I know both coaches took little glee in seeing Llano go down by 35 points.  Yet, they took something with them when they left Llano and had other lives to go live.  Part of them, forever will be Orange and Black.

   The 55 to 20 score will not define these seniors.  But, their hard work with their best friends, is rarly ever repeated.   These seniors will remember the Lampasas game forever.  And the wonderful fun game at Salaldo.  Those two games defined this senior class.

  In a few days I will write a few woords about the seniors.  And  later a few more thoughts about the team of 2011.  And within a few weeks I hope to have all of the new entries into the record books. 

  Please send me your thoughts, and certainly your corrections and missed records when you find errors.  These records belong to you.  I only try to keep them  accurate.  I serve only as a messenger.

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