The 49-10 romp by the Brownwood Lions was not as bad as the score indicated, but it was worse than the Jackets needed.  Two of the best Yellow Jacket lineman went out with injuries, and the depth problems loom ahead.  Remembering the article that I wrote just four weeks ago in regard to school enrollments, now looks rather optimistic.  The Jackets face a very tough second half of the season, and still must play Friday night the largest enrollment school in 3 AAA, Fredericksburg.

The Jackets played good football for 24 minutes last Friday night.  Yes, Brownwood took the short Jacket kick-off on the 34 yardline and from the first play the Lions had control of the Jacket defense.  Passing plays of 31 and 25 yards turned into 7 points after 7 plays.  It could have gone bad from here, but it did not.  Llano took the kick-off and began play on their 20 yardline.  Twenty yard pass completion to senior Vance Bauer, another pass for 6 to junior Storey Tatsch, a seven yard run by junior quarterback Rhett Brooks, another 9 by Rhett, a Matt Center catch for 11 yards and another first down. A 10 yard completion to sophomore Caleb Penny, and finalized by Brooks with an 8 yard TD run.   Fourteen plays and the Jackets best drive this season.  Excellent blocking up front by senior  Wes Haverlah, junior Taylor Stewart, senior Jordan Johnson, and junior Allan Lucas.  Four of four passing by Brooks, 4 different receivers, 10 running plays with Tatsch blocking, senior Clay Tarter, Bauer, Penny and Brooks carrying the football.  Llano had tied the score with 3:20 left in the first quarter in Gordon Wood Stadium.

If we could have said, “we enjoyed the trip” and see you next year, it would have been a great night.  But, not the case.  Again, Llano kicks short and the Lions start play on their 49 yardline.  Five plays later, and the score is 14-7. The Jackets line up, and an interceptions deep in Jacket territory, and 2 plays later, the score is 21-7.  But don’t give up now.  The Jackets still have some fire in the belly.

Llano takes the kickoff this time from the 20, and Brooks breaks off a 21 yard run.  Then four straight completions, to Bauer, Storey, sophomore Isaac Hutto, and Taylor Sorenson, now down to the 27 yardline.  Four running plays  gets the Jackets a little closer, and Sorenson kicks a 32 yard field goal to put Llano closer at 21-10 mid way thru the second quarter.  If Llano could just play offense…..

And, here we go again, a short kickoff, Lions on their 41 yardline, four plays and another Lions score.  Llano finished the quarter by driving 8 plays down to the Lions 17 yardline, before an interception stopped a promising drive.  Good running by Storey and Clay, and catches by Caleb, Matt and Isaac had Llano showing firepower and ability.  The best plays in the first half by Llano on defense was senior Cole Barrett’s sack for a 13 yard loss  helped end the half.  Sophomore Penny was playing good at linebacker, but went down with an ankle injury and his status is unknown. Also, junior linebacker Ryan Williams had a busy night and played well.  Score 28-10.

From there, it gets bad.  Not so much playing wise, but early in the 3rd quarter, senior Jordan Johnson goes down a concussion.  Johnson was taken to the Hospital, and may not be as bad as it could be. Still,  he will be doubtful for the Fredericksburg game.  Jordan’s play on offense and defense is unmatched among Jacket lineman.  He plays every play at 100%.

Three plays later junior center Taylor Stewart goes down with what looks like a very serious knee injury.  We usually have little idea what centers do, other than somehow they get the football to the quarterback.  After that, only coaches and dads know what they do.  A slight game changer for the Jackets.  Second team center is junior Cooper Hill, who is standing on the sidelines with a cast on his ankle.  In comes senior Justin Oestreich, who also has a motor that does not shut off.  Justin is one of the Jackets best lineman, but during the week, he has to learn other duties.  Llano’s depth, or lack of it showed up early in the game, and even Wes Haverlah tried to center.  A few practice snaps during the week would have helped. Any how, the Jackets had a hard time.  Justin, Wes, and maybe even Brooks may get a try at center this week.  But Llano’s unlikely to get any of the 6 players back on the field this week against the Billies., that are presently hurt.

Llano needs a week off.  But not before they get their second win of the season.  Fredericksburg is 0-4 for the season, but have scored alot of points.  Llano is now 1-3, and have given up a lot of points.  Still, Llano’s offense can score.  I see Llano entering this week in a very serious mood.  Everyone on the team will have to step up.  Lineman Nick Bornholdt needs to have his best game.  He played well against the Lions.  Gilbert Arrendondo also played well when Stewart and Johnson went down.  He will get plenty of snaps this week to improve.  And junior Jacob Beasley will need every pound of his 220 pounds to protect Brooks and open holes for Clay and Storey.

Llano has beaten Fredericksburg three years in a row.  I’m pretty sure, four has never happened.  Llano, if they keep the turnovers to a minimum, can beat the Billies.  And the reward will come in the form of getting healthy and preparing for District play, as the Open week is next week.  Llano 35 Frederickburg 26

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  1. harold says:

    The offense looked good Gilbert called a better than usual game in 1st half. In the 2nd he reverted to the old Gilbert before everyone got hurt then it was over. No excuss for not having someone who could snap the football. Overall if we are going to let the opposing team start at 50 on almost every possession we are going to have a steep hill to climb. Means we are probaly starting around the 20 every time thats not good against a decent team. The return game was no better even though Bwoods kicker was part of that. But when we have chances we hav’t to do better. As far as defense there are a couple players standing on the sideline that can help everyone knows it. Still lots of room for improvement. We need to get the ship right , right now. I still say the kids deserve a better effort from the coaches.

  2. !st off GOOD LUCK JACKETS It’s now are probaly never we hav’t to get started. This should be a win at all cost no holes barred game. We need some confidense and momentum going into district. Once again GOOD LUCK.

  3. onlyfortheteam says:

    There is not much to really say about the game last nite! Other than they were the better team! There is NO one to blame! No players to call out personally, Mike. Letting them know they need to step up as in your article of Sept.13th! I am proud of the players for not giving up and that was proven in the second half! I do want to comment on the fact again that Mike, you really need to get your facts right! I had my earphones on during halftime. As you were introduced as a new Hall of Famer along with your friends name mentioned, you were trying to give advice…..However you were and are in a world where you are comparing apples to peas! YOU need to live in the present! And for you having the nerve to say you have contacted our Superintendent, Mr. Hill trying to get this Blog tied into the LISD and not YOUR business……….First this blog is listed seperately from all your business websites! If someones to see, Google Mike Virdell, you will see business stuff and then you will find his LLano Blog! Do you have any idea what this would do to the school district with a blog where anyone can put students/athletes down, criticize our Coaches that are hired by Mr. Hill! You said on the radio You have tried to contact him about this and haven’t heard anything! Believe me this would be the worst thing! You could go and with your Croanies continue to critizise the Football team, and then you are gonna have all the parents critizing. For ex. the Jr. High principal, saying what they really feel. Her employees that are scared of her, they can’t go to the Superintendant! Then all the Parents critizing the Superintendant and especially Ass. Super on how many great teachers leave our school district because of one woman that was not voted in. Believe me they don’t want to have to answer to that one……… This is just an example of why you need to keep your blog to yourself and away from the school! I think you have been critical enough and as a Hall of Famer, show respect and Support the Jackets, win or lose! I am PROUD OF THE JACKET PLAYERS AND COACHES!

    • Mike Virdell says:

      Thanks for bring that to my attention, as I did misspeak….only the High school stats that I’ve compliled for 39 yrs would go to the High School…thansk for your thoughts, mikel virdell

      • onlyfortheteam says:

        Your more than welcome! I didn’t surely think you meant a blog!High School stats would be interesting!

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