October 25, 2011

  •     The meltdown at Jacket Stadium last Friday night will be long remembered.  As I strolled thru the Jacket players after the game offering small encouragment, my heart was broken.  All football players  dread this moment. When all of the wheels  fall off at the same time.  It is  like each player took it  very personally, and each one felt like it was their fault.  No player had his head up.  No parent was untouched by their very vulnerable and wounded sons.  This was a licking that no one was expecting, and certainly not this severe.  Sure, the Jackets were having a woeful season, but nothing like this.  This is certainly one of those Lombardi moments.  And Llano football players must think about this. “It is not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up.”
  •    Some stats that are needed to tell this story:  Llano:
  •             1st Downs:   0
  •            Net Yards:     <5>
  •            Total Possessions:  9
  •            7 Punts;   One fumble, one interception
  •   Llano had not been shutout since November 1, 2002, when Liberty Hill beat the Jackets 45-0. 

   Llano’s defense played better.  If you were there, you noticed the play of seniors Cole Barrett, Jordan Johnson, and Conner Barrett.  They, along with Clay Tarter, Vance Bauer Wes Haverlah, and Zach Baker made most of the stops.  The 6.4 yards per try by Liberty Hill was manageble.  This time the offense just fell flat.  Now, do they get up.

   Llano has not beat Burnet since the night in 1998 ( 12 yrs. ago). If the Jackets get back off the ground, dust off the ole’ seat of the pants, and get mad, they will beat Burnet.  Burnet is a shadow of the team we played but 12 months ago.  Their record of 2-6 shows they are no longer the biggest school  bully of our district.  They will be taking the Jackets for granted, and will presume the Jackets have hung it up for the season.  I know these Jackets pretty well.  While they had hang dog looks last Friday night, do not expect they got that kind of babying and sympathy when they got home.  To a one, I know these Jacket parents, and they are not going to let their young sons stay down.  This week is an opportunity to change the entire feel of this season.  Llano has got to beat Burnet, again , sometime.  Why should it not be the team that is least expected to do so.  While the taste of last Friday night’s game is still in their mouths, let it remind Llano of what and how distastful it was.  This week the Jackets come back from the dead.  This week, Llano goes to the “daug pound” and beats the Jackets oldest rivalry.  Despite recent years losses, Llano still holds a 39-31-2 advantage over the Dogs.  Bring home #40 in this storied history.  Bring home a victory, and regain that one ingrediant that only you have.  Bring home that Jacket Pride.


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1 Response to October 25, 2011

  1. Mike Center says:

    It has been a very rough season, no doubt about it, and it has been heart-breaking to watch our kids suffer through it. I want them to hold these next two weeks close to their heart, and to play hard, to leave it all on the field. They have nothing to further lose, and everything to gain by defeating Burnet and Salado. I want these seniors, who have been the few ones in their class to survive and remain after six seasons, to go out as winners, and to have lasting great memories of these games and this time in their life. Everybody needs to play (and coach) aggressively and without fear. Stack ’em up on the line of scrimmage and send them after the qb. Open up the offensive playbook with short routes and trickeration. Linemen, block, block, block!!! I would love to see the crowd show up and yell for these boys for these last two games. These boys need and deserve our support. Lets go, Jackets, and lets go, Llano!!!!

    Thanks for letting me cheerlead a bit. Seasons like this are tough on daddies and mommas, too.

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