Jackets face great Challenge

   We’re finished with the 2-a-day practices, and the scrimmages are in the rear view mirror.  The Llano YellowJackets suit up for what is a very anticipated season.  These Jackets have a few strikes against them, but one thing is for sure.  Few people have many high expectations for this team facing the hardest 3-AAA schedules ever.  And when the glass is 1/2 empty for some, other find it 1/2 full.  And new YellowJacket football coach Craig Slaughter is a 1/2 full guy.  But, more important, Slaughter has his team knowing it is also 1/2 full

   Llano has scrimmaged twice now, with the latest being Florence here this past Thursday nite.  Llano looked good on offense, and not as good on defense.  But scrimmages are just that, and going to scrimmages now for this my 40th season, I really can say they mean little to us average fans.  Coaches are looking for more than what is happening on the scoreboard.  More important is the plays that seem routine, and the players making those plays.    Best part od this past scrimmage was seeing Tristan Sabrsula putting great pressure on the quarterback.  Will Siegenthaler had a very good day.  Layton Rabb threw the football much better in his second scrimmage.  Also thought Caleb Penny had a good day.

   No one is kidding anyone.  Playing 3-AAA State Champion Wimberley in the first game is a challenge.  But Llano will not be as worried about what the Texans are doing, as they will be concerned about taking care of their own business.  Coach Slaughter and his staff coach that way.  You will see a new spirit in Jacket Stadium Friday night.  I believe Llano can beat the Texans, and for so many reasons, number one being Wimberley will being looking at the 2001 Jackets and their 1-9 record.  It is hard to put alot of distance between them this early in the season.  But the change is profound.  The defense is primary.  The Jackets have an opportunity to show the State of Texas, Llano is back.

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