Sad Night for Seniors, Optimism Abounds

   The disappointing night in Brownwood last week sends a fine group of seniors on their way to another world, one they will not  equate with Yellow Jacket football again, until life lessons start being remembered.  Only a large miracle could have saved Llano from being beaten 41-13 last Friday night, but that still did not prevent the Jacket seniors from playing hard every play, and the game was still up in the air moments before the half ended.

   That one aspect of 2012 Jacket football is what this senior class and take from this season…LLano Yellowjacket football became competitive again.  Most of the seven losses came after the half, and when depth of the roster and injuries caught up with Llano.  Being caught in the tough district of Brownwood, Liberty Hill and Gatesville, all previous State Champions, and you add Lampasas and Burnet, you have four teams that all were in class 4-AAAA.  Llano’s 505 high school enrollment was just too small to win every game, something many old timers as myself fully expect, and still do not understand how the UIL can repeatedly make districts so lopsided.

Districts Play-off teams:  Champion: Gatesville (10-0), Brownwood, Burnet.

   2012 Yellowjacket Seniors:

Jake Rodriguez          Devin Mayne             Allen Lucas

Matt Center               Rhett Brooks

Ryan West                Jacob Beasley  

Alec Hasty                Pedro Perez

Cooper Hill                Taylor Stewart

Kassity Pitcox          Storey Tatsch 

Zach Morgan          Wil Siegenthaler

Edward Gallo       Nick Bornholt

   While the record cannot ever tell the whole story, never did I  see Llano ever quit.  The attitude of these seniors will live on with the underclassmen as they leave to finish the job.  Llano will be back as a district contender.  But it will take more than a few months of tough coaching to break off bad habits.  Those habits already are changing.  It is my understanding that the 7th grade tied for the district crown, and most of you need to know. Varsity coaches went to junior high daily and helped with the 7th and 8th grade players.  It will take this extra hard work by all to get Llano back in the championship talks.

   I’m already excited about 2013.  Llano has many very good players returning.  There is good speed returning at the skill positions.  Layton Rabb at quarterback, Carter Tatsch at running back, and Issac Hutto at wide reciever can all be quailty players.  I’m most proud of the returning limeman in Tristan Sabrsula, Russell Webb, Gilberto Arredondo, Ryan Mansell, Colin Mayne, and Eli Tiffin. These lineman can all be very good.  Also, where much is given, much is expected, and sometimes freshman starter Colton Center will be expected to make gigantic strides.  Llano could have two monsters on defense in linebackers Caleb Penny and Lance Reven.  Starters Sawyer Stiles, and Mason Ladd must grow, get better, and be tough leaders.   This begins now, not next August.  Daniel Durham, Eric Burch, Kralen Dickerson and David Durham  all have strong points that can make them very good senior players.    Junior to be Jalen Bauman could be special.  He must mature and step forward as a leader, and set the bar higher for all.  

   The Yellowjackets improved from last season by a margin of loss from 25 average loss to 9 points average loss.  This is alot.  Now we cut that to positive points.  It will begin on defense.

   Begin this week trying to enter players names that will be new to the record book.  Let me know if you know of something I may miss.   Records are fun…after the season is over.

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2 Responses to Sad Night for Seniors, Optimism Abounds

  1. Ralph says:

    Should have won more than 3 games. One of the most talented teams in 10 years.

  2. harold white says:

    left several games out there. Overall way better than the last couple years. But should have been better.

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