Let’s make the PlayOffs!

   Maybe some good can come from the loss at Burnet last Friday nite.  The 35-14 loss hurts, and at times felt like I had seen it before.  The Jacket defense will have to show up against Brownwood, and the offense will have to play error free and put points up early.  Burnet was not as good as past teams, but the ability to run four times on third down and make the first down was defeating enough.  But the eight first down on first down was the killer.  Burnet made the corners on their running game practically every time.  Llano must contain.

   Jackets had many very good plays.  Still getting good pressure from senior Ryan Mansell.  Colton Ekstrom is getting better every game.  Mason Ladd and Sawyer Stiles were good in the secondary.  Junior Lance Reven had one of his best games.  Justin Long played hard.  Eliazar Villegas is playing very good at cornerback, as is Kralen Dickerson.  Senior Caleb Penny too had a good game.  Still like the play of Blain Steffen.  Jordan Blackmon and Justin Long hustle hard every play on special teams.

   But…everyone does not play always well on the same plays.  This week, we must all be together.  Play hard every single play.  Seniors will know, this could be the last game.  And there is no reason that should happen.  Llano is as good as Brownwood.  Playing in Llano should give the Jackets the edge.

   Senior Issac Hutto had 7 catches last week.  I’d throw to him 15 times when he gets those short cornerbacks on him.  Jalen Bauman is great over the middle.  He will not go down with one hit.  He hurts folks when he catches the ball.  Kralen, Sawyer, Mason and Chance all can catch.  Senior Carter Tatsch has 16 catches coming out of the backfield.  All hands must be ready.  Llano will beat Brownwood and the make the playoffs , but it will be a shoot-out.

   Senior Layton Rabb is averaging 245 yards passing a game.  It may take more against the Lions.  Carter is averaging about 90 yards rushing per game.  We may need 125 from Carter, and another 75 from Layton.  It will take everything, from every player.  You will not regret leaving it all on the field Friday night.

   Comparing scores is a hard business.  But Llano matches well with Brownwood.  With both teams at 2-2 in District play, the winner goes to Bi-District.  I would hate for the game to end up with 120 points total being scored, but this game leans that direction.  Turnovers by either team changes everything.  Llano has been soundest is this area. Averaging just a bit over one per game.  You will win if we only have one.  But Mason, Kralen, Caleb, Jordan, Eliazar and Lance need to find about three from the Lions.

   How does Llano win?  The offensive line gives Layton time to throw, and holes for Carter to run.  Keep the ball from the high scoring Lions. Senior Gilberto Arredondo, Ekstrom, sophomore Colton Center, senior Eli Tiffin ( Hopefully he plays), junior Cody Harp, Jordan Webb, Collin Mayne, Blackmon, junior Clancy Durham, Blain, Penny, Steton Watson, Andrew Stribling must hold that block one more split second, and “don’t hold”!  Get a few turnovers, and Llano will be headed to game # 11.  This game is very winnable.  The seniors owe themselves this one very special moment.  It gets no bigger than this in Yellow Jacket Stadium Friday nite.  Llano by 14.

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