Chiefs Keep Jackets in Downward Spirial

The Yellowjackets just are not getting the job done.  The 38-0 halftime was as bad as I have seen a Jacket score since the Bi-District contest in 2001 in which eventual State Champion La Grange whipped the Jackets 56-0.  This game was a complete let down, as the defense played as poorly as the offense.  But to keep things in proper prospective, the Jackets did manage 280 yards of offense, clearly 3 times more this Friday night as compared to last week against Fredericksburg.

A 63 yard interception return for a TD pushed the Lake View Chiefs to a 21-0 lead, and the visitors were never in a worry over losing the lead.  The final 45-7 score is dis-heartning…and it must stop.

This may be crazy, but I think Brady Bulldogs has now beaten the Jackets 3 weeks in a row.  The 20-17 two OT loss to the Bulldogs back on September 12 looks to be haunting.  Llano came so close, and the team could have gone either direction.  David Forrester’s Field Goal in second OT looked like the winner, only to have the game jerked away one play later.  Llano has not recovered.  The two past weeks Llano has been outscored 75-7, and the physicality has been absent.  Gang tackling in the first three games was tremendous.  A couple of times last night I saw Jackets letting up before they got to the pile.  When you are behind you play more cautious…only natural.  You don’t want to make bad things get worse.  But I think maybe we have lost our highest gear.

I have got to call on our seniors.  This is your season.  This is your last chance.  And I truly believe Llano can beat Salado this week…play close to Wimberley in week 8, lay off a week, and then win two of three to finish either 2nd or 3rd in District.  You certainly are not the most talented Yellowjacket team in recent memory, but you are Yellowjackets.  Teams of our past have been worse,  and done better.  You can too, with senior leadership taking over this team, and knowing the goals you set for yourself back in August are still obtainable.

Let’s build on the positives.  Good kicking game…good punter…excellent coverage on all kicking aspects of the game…appears we have a good medium passing game. The 12 passes completed against Lake View average nearly 13 yards per play.  Very good.  6 were for more than 15 each.  That is winning football.  Yelvington and Layton can catch the football, and really have taken up slack with loss of Bauman.  The offense was better, the offensive line much better.  Have to hold your blocks 1//2 second longer on run and pass plays.  To do that is nothing but extra effort.  You can do it. 1/’2 second!!!

Defense.  Find your kick butt again.  Gang tackle.  Make sure you take full responsibility for your job…Be aggressive…and play like you did against Bangs.

Seniors…play like this is your last season…the last time you will have to be a Llano Fighting Yellowjacket.  You start with leadership…you beat Salado…and you make sure you make the State Playoffs.  You will never regret playing harder.

Llano 31   Salado 14


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  1. artt artt says:

    Excellent !! Art D

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