Lytle Next in Quest for Play Offs

The Llano Yellowjackets up and down season begins anew.  Rested.  Somewhat healed.  Refreshed.  But more than anything else, the seniors have realized this is the beginning of the end.  It can end greatly, or it can be a real downer.  Three games left in their entire careers.  7th and 8th grade are now a blur in the rearview mirror.  Freshman years look so limp.  But here we are when the real test comes to fruition.  When everything you dreamed could happen, can happen.  Lytle is the first of three big final exams.

This still can be the perfect storm.  Llano can still not only be in the mix for a State Playoff spot, I really think that these seniors can rally the forces to be counted on to be the district crown holder.  And when you think that by winning your last two home games and winning in Hondo next week, you are there.  Improbable?  Maybe…but Llano has players that will not give up…never have, and will not this time.

Each year I lay this on the seniors.  No doubt the juniors and sophomores are some special talents.  But the seniors have more to loss.  Three weeks of the most supreme effort in their young lives will give the gift of a lifetime.  Great memories as a LLano Yellowjacket  in their senior years is unmatched in regards to all in life.  Life begins this Friday night at Jacket Stadium..and beating Lytle will be a memory maker forever.

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