#5 Ranked Wall Still Tough

Playing the #5 ranked 3AAA team in the state on their home field was to be no easy task.  The Jackets were not fooled into thinking it would be, especially after the 54-21 beat down at Jacket Stadium in 2014, and the Hawks going on to a strong 11-2 season. So being prepared was good advice.   The 28-13 final score in Wall Friday night proved all of the above correct.  Wall’s ranking is accurate.  Playing at Wall with game officials certainly more familiar with the green and white.  And Llano was prepared.  Take away 5 plays and the score could have been reversed.  The Jackets are a different team from 2014, and only good things will happen over the next few weeks.

This team has one hard task, and that is to get to the point where it trusts itself.  The offensive line considered the Jackets strongest unit coming into this season, played good…not great.  What they must learn in the trust department is knowing if they hold a block just for a 1/10 of a second longer, that sophomore Mason Greenwood will hit the opening and make yardage. ( 17 carries and 93 yards) There is nothing that makes an offensive lineman get better every play than knowing he is blocking for a running back that can actually score on any play.  That is the reason not one play in a game can be used for a resting play.  Mason has that quickness that gives hope on every play.  The balance of running by senior John Heflin can do nearly the same.  Dorian Green, Wyatt Bauman, and Brent Greenwood bring different talents.  The 4.3 yards per try was good, not great.

The offensive line will form a bond.  A brothership.  Lead by four year starter Colton Center, along with seniors Jose Arredondo, Garrett Carlson, Cameron Brumley, Juan Mungia and # 90, Luke Snitkin. Juniors Roberto Alcala, Keegan Greenhaw, Cameron Hall. and Jason Gann.  And two way starter sophomore Ray Dixon.  This group can be very good.  Learn to trust each other.  Every play you will get stronger.

The defense played pretty good.  Forced a key fumble.  Held twice on fourth down.  Allowed only 34 passing yards on 2 of 7 attempts by Wall.  Still not real strong against the Wall triple option.  I wanted to say something , but during the game, when a Yellow Jacket fan screamed out that why did not the Jackets stop the Wall offense, because they “had run the same play 3 times in a row”!  I was more concerned that the Llano fan could only count to 3, as the 49 other plays that Wall ran….were also the same play…it’s the triple option, or the old time veer, but….it is all the same play!!!

Sure don’t like to see defensive backs Matt Agee, John Heflin, Cody Miller, Dalton Dewveall, and Blake Dillard make so many tackles past the line of scrimmage.  But easily Hunter Roemer and Wyatt Bauman had very good games.  Brent Greenwood played well.  as did Dixon, Dorian Green and Jaden Napolez.  Jaden was in on 10 tackles.  Keep up the gang tackleing.  Play hard every single play.  Try to get more turnovers.  And set yourselves a goal of shutting out Bangs.

Have not said anything yet about senior Wyatt Casey.  Loved his first game as a starter.  Wyatt was 9 of 16 passing for 108 yards.  Managed the game well.  Confidence is all that needs adding, and that will come.  Threw one bad pass…forced it in when he should have tucked and ran.  Still, quarterback is in good hands.  Could see the confidence build as Wyatt threw and connected to senior Airon Layton 4 times for 78 yards.  This connection will produce more yards and more points when Wyatt connects on about 15 passes a game.  More first down passes…then Mason really cuts loose.  This could be an exciting offense.  Beating Bangs in Llano this Friday night will help all the confidence builders.

Llano 35   Bangs 0

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