Unexplained Let Down in Brady

When it looked like the Llano Yellowjackets were going to bring forth a consistent offense, a defense that did not allow the big play, and special teams that stayed disciplined, all fell apart in Brady Texas last Friday night.  To say, “these things happen” is letting everyone off the hook.

I know not where to start.  How do seniors still jump off sides?  Where was the gang tackling?  It was nearly a dream, but when we all woke up, the nightmare was real.  This was one game I had no explanation for.  And as I write two days later, and look at the stats, still have no clue to everything falling apart in one game.

And since I have no idea, you get up, dust off the britches, and get mad.  Get ready to play again.  No one quit.  There was good effort.  There were good plays.  And while I never kept stats on plays over 10 yards, a yardstick even used by colleges and pros, this is one look at what happens on both sides of the ball and gives some insight.  Llano had 7 such plays, 4 in the first quarter.  4 were passes to three different receivers.  Brady on the other hand had 12, 7 running plays for 176 yards.  The second effort of chasing is usually the key to this kind of stat.

I hope the Yellowjackets recognize the great heads-up play of junior Jaden Napolez.  His hustle down field on a Llano punt in the 3rd quarter and keeping his head in the game gave Llano the ball at midfield off his recovered fumble.  Just good effort.  Then when all is lost, and Llano is down 34-0, his effort produced an interception/fumble recovery and he ran the ball in for Llano’s only points.  As a very old timer, I want to thank Jaden for not letting Brady shut out the Jackets.  Good game.

The Jackets get no time to lick their wounds.  A very strong Fredericksburg team comes to Llano this Friday night.  Burnet just beat the Billies Friday night.  Fredericksburg thinks they have their best team in 20 years.  This is where the Jackets decide about this season.  Maybe some will retreat.  But others will step up.  If you have a strong senior class, this is where they had better recognize the urgency of getting the cob-webs out of the helmet and get serious.  Fredericksburg will be picked over Llano by 30 points, and their ranking deserves that edge.  But, Llano has a history…Llano has played the heck out of Fredericksburg when the Billies expected it the least.  This Friday night could  be one of those times.  Llano makes no stupid mistakes.  Llano covers on kick-offs and punts.  No turnovers.  None.  Play like it is the last game you will  ever play.  And Llano, when you do that, you will walk off that new Jacket Stadium turf with your pride and integrity all in hand.  You can do it.  But you must believe.  Believe in everything you have worked for since the 7th grade.  This week will take that kind of effort.

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