Defense Can’t Carry entire Load- Chiefs Win 28-14

The Llano Yellowjackets went into half-time against the 5-A Lakeview Chiefs tied 7-7.  The defense was strong for Llano.  32 plays and allowed only 119 yards.  A 3.7 yard average per play.  Very winning football.   47 of those yards came on 3 plays.  That means the defense held the Chiefs to 2.5 yards a snap on the other 29 plays.  The defense forced a fumble ( Sophomore Ray Dixon and senior linebacker Wyatt Bauman) and recovered by Hunter Roemer.  Held on fourth down, 3 times, and Llano got the ball back.  And junior Brent Greenwood got an interception and gave Llano the ball on the 37 yard line in which the Jackets marched 63 yards and scored.  Sophomore Mason Greenwood had a 29 yard run as well a 17 yard gain on a screen pass from senior quarterback Wyatt Casey.

The offense had a two fumbles in the first quarter, which killed the attack.  Total of 93 yards of offense kept the defense on the field.  7-7 at halftime.  The Jackets were in OK position to win this game.

I honestly have no explanation other than lack of more depth for the Jackets.  That may be a factor later in the games, but the Chiefs came out and scored in 4 plays after the half.  Lakeview had three plays of over 10 yard gains in the first half.  They had that many in the first series after the half in which they went 80 yards and scored.  The defense allowed 9 plays of over 10 yards in the second half.  Averaged 18 yards on those 9 plays.  The Jackets held the Chiefs on one fourth down try, and other than an interception by Cody Miller in the third quarter, the defense stayed on the field.  Lead by Bauman and Dixon, excellent play on defense by sophomore Ian Fletcher at cornerback with 10 tackles, junior Jaden Napolez with 10 more, and senior defensive back John Heflin in on 10 more.  Gang tackling was lead by junior Blake Dillard, Roemer, Fletcher, Cameron Hall and Roberto Alcala.  Over all, the defense did their job.  The long gains are still a problem.

The offense must find a way.  Senior quarterback Casey completes over 50% of his passes, but does miss some.  Receivers seem to drop 2 passes every game.  Mason is averaging over 5 yards a carry, as is Brent, William Oliver, Casey,  Heflin and Roemer.

There still is little time to drop back to pass.  Llano must play two halves.  If they had, today they would be at least 3-2 rather than 1-4.  Making the play-offs is still a very viable goal.  Both Wimberley and Hondo are 0-5.  Both can be beat by Llano.  Beating Salado this week in our Homecoming game is a must, but it must be a complete game win. Llano needs the confidence builder of how to win.

A few extra notes.  Love the hustle every week of special team players Matt Cohen, Stratt Stiles and Roemer, Airon Layton, Jason Gann.  I think strongly that senior Colton Center should continue to do two things.  Kick off and even when it goes out of bounds, it gives Llano a good place for the defense to start play.  And play more defense.  Good job from the four year starter for Llano……Llano plays two halves…Jackets 34   Salado 7.

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