Opportunity Abounds, Jackets Fight for Play-Off Spot

All are keeping their fingers crossed, that the off week for the Jackets will bring a renewed energy and a focus on details.  Llano is 0-1 in district play, and must win one game to make the state play offs.  That game is Friday night in Lytle.

The Jacket had the same opportunity last season in Jacket Stadium, but allowing the Pirates to come from behind and steal a 34-31 game that took all life from Llano in their two final games in 13-4A.  This Friday night, Llano faces a more difficult task.  Unproven quarterback, running game that has slowed to a drip, and a passing game that either cannot get a pass thrown, or a receiver drops the ball.  Then you put the defense on the field for 2/3 of the minutes and you have grave situations usually not overcome.

Llano actually has a very nice history of winning on the road.  One statistic that I have failed to keep record of is the home and away record of Llano over the past 43 years.  Maybe in the future I will work on that.  But Friday night Llano again has the opportunity to disappoint a home crowd by traveling to Lytle.  Some 30 miles southwest of San Antonio, winning sure makes a ride home a joyous and rememberal (sic) moment.

Llano will be the better football team Friday night playing the Pirates.  At times there has been great play.  Stayed with a great Fredericksburg team.  Stayed with a very good Brady team.  Played respectable with a top ranked Wall team.  Llano puts together 4 full quarters and Llano will bring home victory # 3.  I have  every intention of driving home and knowing the play offs are for real, and we all have worked hard to get to this point.  The opportunity is at hand.  Cash in big time and lets all beat Lytle Friday night.

Llano 27  Lytle 12

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2 Responses to Opportunity Abounds, Jackets Fight for Play-Off Spot

  1. artt@nctv.com says:

    Mike….just a conversational note: a win against Lytle doesn’t quite assure a playoff spot–if Llano loses to Hondo, and Lytle beats Hondo, it’s a 3-way tie for 3-4-5…..

    Art….Hope your score is on the money—I agree with you.

  2. Mike Virdell says:

    so right on that happening….me too!!

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