Sinton Ends a Fun Run for Jackets

This will be short, as I will work over the  next few days to check and recheck the record book, additions will be added this week.  Also, will write about the game and the season.  Have found I will have clearer thoughts after a few days of stepping back.

While the seniors still hurt from the game in San Antonio Friday night, there are great memories and great moments.  Even a 4-8 season is the best of times.  Every single player, starter and spot player played on a team with pride and resolve, especially when it had to  save the season.  The percentage is so small when you talk about players that got to play in two state playoff games.  Beating Crystal City was a great Yellow Jacket moment.

See you back here  in a few days.  One thing of interest to some will be the new category I will add to the record book.  Started to do it a few years back, but felt it would be limited.  Now have enough data to make it important.  The thing of pride in this new area is of importance  to the 2015 Yellow Jacket offensive lineman.

So many records are not in the record book.  Just was never enough room or time.  Such things of importance as kick-off and punt return data.  That one comes to mind first.  Back in 1973 when this all began, records were kept on 17 inch ledgers, with a pencil! !…Now at least I can peck around and get info on spread sheets, and no one has helped more than the coaching staffs.  Now each play is rerun so many times, and coaches record the exact numbers, in which over the past 20 years have shared with me for the record book to be pretty accurate.

One last thought.  Have spoken to Superintendent Casey Callahan about moving the record book section of Play To Win to the LISD web page.  I would be excited about that.  I would still be able to add items from my computer and keep records current, but more folks would be able to find this historical information in a logical place.  These records belong to you.  For now, I just have the keys to the door. Would be great if more had the keys. !

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