Favorable Game Schedule Has Backfired

The Llano Yellowjackets (The entire family- Administration, coaches, fans, players, players’ family) had the opportunity to redo the football schedule this past February.  And after playing Liberty Hill, Fredericksburg, Gatesville, Brownwood,  and all the other schools with double the enrollment of Llano, wins were far and in-between.  5 non winning season records took its toll.  So in February, with new enrollment numbers out by the UIL, Llano was able to schedule Brady, Sonora, and Lago Vista for the 2016 season.  All 3-AAA schools.  Llano is 4-AAAA.  Not “gemme” games.  Good programs all, but more in line with enrollment numbers of Llano.

Llano now stands with a 1-3 record with all losses to “Brady, Sonora, and Lago Vista”.  The real issue on the three games was by  halftime, the Jackets were not even close to winning the games.  The Jackets were not competitive.  Unacceptable to the entire family.

If there were just one or two glaring reasons for the losses, that could be worked on and improved upon.  But the offense is averaging 16 points a game.  Exactly 1/2 the production it would take to produce a winning season.  The defense is giving up 26 points a game.  Not the worse, but still not acceptable.

I think life is like this.  When things go wrong, or unexpected, we all tend to lie back, and do less.  Instead of forging ahead, we retreat somewhat.  We don’t want to compound our problems.  And many times things just get worse, because we are not aggressive. Not willing to change or make changes.  No one…players, coaches are fans want to make the situation worse.  Example:  Lago Vista about half the time kicked off with a high short kick to prevent run backs.  Llano decided to fair catch all of these kicks.  No risk, no rewards.  With the visual eye,  everytime, the Jackets could have caught the ball, and run for 5- 15 yards up-field with ease.  But is was the safe thing to do.  No fumbles…but it was not aggressive.  And had Llano caught those balls and run an average of ten yards, the Jackets would have began their drives on the 44 yard line instead of the 34 yard line.  Playing conservative.  Playing not to lose.

The Jackets average 5.2 yards per carry on first and second down.  On third down the average was down to 1.6 yards per carry.  Fourth down we tried two unsuccessful field goals, punted twice, and had 3 incomplete passes.  One TD run, and two passes completed, resulting in two first downs.  This week Llano had 18 plays with one yard gain or loss yardage.  No passes to the tight end.  Offense is very predictable.  Was to Lago Vista.

We play Friday night against our closest and one of our oldest foes…Burnet is a top 20 team in 4-AAAA.  We…we play in Llano.  We have nothing to loss.   We are not expected to come close.  We will be expected to be out of the contest by halftime.  We must play harder, not safer.  We must not take plays off. We must play four quarters, no matter the score.  We must bring back Jacket pride, in which is a rich tradition and no matter how bad your season was going, no one still wants to play you.  You play hard every play.  And you look forward to the challenge…the challenge this week of playing a very good team, and you want them to remember you.  Our players have orange and black in their blood.  Play like it.

My surprise this season is how much talent we have.  Very good players all over the field.  If all eleven played hard on every play, I have no doubt that Llano can beat Burnet.  It has been nearly two decades since we beat the Bulldogs.  Lets’ start new this week.   Let’s start by showing Burnet who we are.  We are Llano.


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2 Responses to Favorable Game Schedule Has Backfired

  1. artt@nctv.com says:

    EXCELLENT!! tougher than me and ON THE MONEY!!

    • TXDAGGER1 says:

      Family, We, Our, Team…All key words and words should mean things. EVERYONE must play for the rest of the TEAM, one mission, one fight; to WIN. GO HARD on every play for the TEAMMATE next to you. When WE quit thinking of our TEAM and only focus on ourselves, we audible to doing what is comfortable for thyself (doing less); only do enough to be comfortable at the moment, just to get to the next series down. Mindset: Maybe this will just pass by us…WE have all been there, but allow that to become your mindset…It’s the wrong mindset in every facet of life. Face your opponent (problem) and own it (accept what is in-front of you), and make-up your mind to attack your opponent. Max effort will overcome the thought of giving up (laying back) and accepting that they are going to win. To loss a hard fight is honorable, but to give-up and quit on EACH OTHER is unacceptable and should be self shaming alone. Play the game and play it with pride, PLAY TO WIN. EVERYONE is a leader and ALL have to contribute. You don’t move a boulder by yourself; break it into pieces and move it one play at a time. The time is now; Dig down deep and beat the person in-front of you on EVERY play. Hit them hard constantly and SWARM to the ball violently as a TEAM. They will get tired of GOING HARD ON EVERY PLAY and you will overcome that boulder as a TEAM. Come alive and live in the moment; FINISH AS A TEAM.

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