Eastside Welcome Relief…Now back to Business- Navarro

One Jacket parent said it was so wonderful to see the Jackets happy on the sidelines.  That it was.  The Jackets 62-7 win was against a very inexperienced Eastside team playing their first year of varsity football.  But a win is a win.

On a side note, when Westlake began their football program, Llano beat them the first two years we played.  Not a lot of data available on the next two contest!!!  But look this up …Llano has played Lake Travis 8 times.  Yes, that Lake Travis.  Record is 8-0 Llano !!!

Another side note:  I do have the school records back up and running.  Records  have been down since the week of the Smithville game.  Several problems on entering data.  But my great IT man, Barry Best has us up and going.  I was able to enter the updates of this season.  Will try to keep up now.

The 2016 season gets serious now.  District play is a whole different game.  Every game means something.  Every play can mean a lot.  Playing # 2 Navarro in the first game is a challenge and an opportunity.  Navarro is ranked at the # 2 position in the Harris Poll in 4-AAAA Div. II.  They come into our game this Friday night in Yellow Jacket Stadium 5-0.  Llano has only played Navarro two times previously, in 2014 and 2015.  The Jackets lost by a combined score of 93-7.  Llano can and should do better.  I have felt from the beginning that the Jackets could hold their own with anyone on our schedule.  Talent is on the field.  But relaxing on critical third down plays, penalties, and 12 turnovers this year thru 6 games have caused mayhem.  Eliminate any two of those mistakes and the Jackets can compete.  All of this is the mental part of football.  Concentration on every single play.  Knowing what to anticipate.  Llano has talent in every position on the field.  Llano can compete against Navarro, but everything must come together.  It is easy to say, but playing as a team is so important.

The seniors have a new season ahead of them.  There has never been a Jacket senior that played his heart out that had regretted doing so.  Llano has got to get that feeling back, so when they walk off the field Friday night there are no regrets.  And Navarro will remember the game as one they would not want to play again.

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1 Response to Eastside Welcome Relief…Now back to Business- Navarro

  1. Art Dlugach says:

    Mike, Check out my story Wednesday and see if you agree. Art. Glad your stats are back.

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