Crystal City in Bi-District- Thursday @ 7:30 PM

The bad taste in the Llano Yellow Jackets mouth from playing at Edgewood Veterans Stadium in San Antonio last year  can be cleansed this Thursday night when the Jackets return.  But this time the Jackets play last year’s Bi District foe, the Crystal City Javelinas.  Llano beat Crystal City  last season while playing at Bandera Stadium.  The game is on Thursday evening.  If you show up on Friday, you will see the Wimberley game.

The 4-6 Jackets play a repeat of the game from last season.  The Javelinas are 7-3 this season.  Going by statistics on their web-site, they are a running team.  They average throwing the ball about 7 times a game and producing 58 yards per game.  But the Javelinas average about 165 yards a game running the football.  Just as last year’s contest, they will just line up at you and try to get you to stop it.  Last year, the Jackets best game was against the Javelinas.  The defense played worthy.  The offense was better. The 16 point win last season was highlighted with Mason Greenwood and John Heflin rushing 25 times for 174 yards.  Also, Brent Greenwood and Ben Walling rushed 10 more times for 60 yards.  All Jackets are back for this contest.  Missing this season will be the pass play by then senior Cody Miller for a 68 yard scoring toss. Otherwise, most all Jackets return for Thursday night.

Since no one has asked, I will give you my idea of what needs to happen.  Run the football.  And when in doubt, run the football.  And when there is a real head scratcher, run the football.  If we did pass,  throwing over the middle behind the linebackers, or throwing to a tight end, or a streaking Anthony Watson beating a safety.  But only when even I would not suspect it was coming!!  This Jacket team has found a formula.  It looks to me the offensive line feels very comfortable in run blocking.  Lead by seniors Robert Alcala, Cameron Hall, and good effort from seniors Jason Gann and Travis Wright blocking downfield.  I feel that that senior Christian Conway will play hard as he has all season.  When the possibilities of this being ones last football game, Brent Greenwood will leave it all on the field.  Same with Blake Dillard, Hunter Roemer, John Keeney and Jaden Napolez.  All folks that should get credit for this much improved Yellow Jacket defense.  Continued great play from senior Kyle Cooper and Kegan Greenhaw.  And back ups  that has not disappointed in Jordan Monroy, Shane Flint and Taylor Smith.  Thomas Westermann has played strong his senior year.  So too for Bradley Dyess, and Neil Blackman.  And no one plays harder on special teams than senior Stephen Sanderson.  He with junior Luis Coronado dominate special teams play.  I having a funny feeling, but I think senior John Heflin will show up.  This is a game for the seniors.  Go play your hearts out.

Llano 46   Crystal City 20

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