Head football Coach Craig Slaughter Resigns

Head football Coach and Athletic Director Craig Slaughter resigned from the Llano Independent School District Friday, June 2.  Source says that Slaughter took the defensive co0ordinator coaching position at Wall, Texas.

Slaughter, had a record of 18-36 as head football coach in Llano over the past 5 years.  Growing concerns in the community about the direction of the Llano Athletic Department has only increased this past spring.  The boys basketball program did not win a single game.  The boys baseball team  fell on very hard times over the past 5 years.  And no one in high school today has played on a winning varsity football team.

So many times over the past 5 seasons, the football team was not even competitive in games that in years before, were considered rivals and even very competitive foes.  In 2016, the Jackets lost to three AAA schools, a division lower than the 4A Jackets.  Concerns grew stronger, as Llano made the state play-offs for the second year in a row, playing what many considered a very weak Crystal City team.  Llano beat Crystal City in 2015, but showed very little spark or enthusiasm in the loss in 2016.  Four teams make the state play-offs out of Llano’s five team district. Llano finished the season 4-7.

The school has posted the position of Athletic Director and Head Football Coach as open and taking applications.


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