Jackets 2-2, and Improving

Over the past three weeks, the Yellow Jackets have played 2 1/2 games in which getting better was fun to watch.  The 51-15 win at Lago Vista Friday night can attest to that..  The Jackets have scored points, but maybe the most improved part of the Yellow Jackets looks to me is the fun of playing defense.  The second half of the Sonora game, in which All State quarterback Kaden Cordell threw the ball 19 times and completed 6.  Brady threw the football  17 times with only 7 completions.  And returning quarterback Jared Defelice of Lago Vista threw 25 times and completed 9.  Those are winning numbers and new head football coach Matt Green will take those on any given Friday.

One number Coach Green watches is offensive numbers.  He feels good when Llano can put up 400 yards in a game.   Coach Green must have really had a nice halftime against Lago.  The Jackets had 400 yards at the break.  And finished with close to 600 yards.

Someone is coaching someone.  The Brady Bulldogs  ran a screen pass.  In this play, the offensive lineman kind of fake a block, them suffle out to the side and block for the receiver when he catches the short “screen” pass.  Ray Dixon “suffled” out also, recognizing the play, and intercepted the ball and scored his first varsity TD. Friday night, #77, Daniel Sparks recognized the screen pass, and he too got an interception. Moving both into the secondary is not an option. They need to keep their day jobs.

Cannot speak enough about the effort of seniors Josh Soliz, Luis Coronado, and Ian Fletcher.  Monsters on defense.  Christian Kirby played great.  Drew Cooper was helped off the field, but was having a great game.  Need him back soon.  Gage Cox, and Kendall Downey along with senior Tyler Gann, senior Nolan Keller, and junior Charlie Mote are a tough bunch.  All played great.  Still love the hustle of big # 75, Austin Humphrey in the middle of the defensive line.  Sure makes the secondary’s job easier when we have that pass rush and that kind of effort.

Junior Quarterback Cade Fly is getting to understand  the quarterback position. After the Jackets first series of three and out, Cade lead Llano to five scoring drives in the first half.  One drive included a 99 yard drive and 15 plays. Overcame a 5 yard penalty, and two drop passes.  Still got the job done.  Mason Greenwood returned after a 5 week suspension, and his efforts and 3 TDs, lead the charge.  Brooks Keel and Anthony Watson had good games catching, and Mason Brooks, Ian, Cade and Dalton Moore running tough.  Mason nearly had a double 100 yard game.  Had 119 yards receiving, and 95 rushing.  Dalton had 10 carries and 71 yards. Mason 9 carries and 68 yards.  Tyler Lindall,  Dakota Trull, Cameron Johnson, Lane Ward, Dalton Bauman, and Luke Willams are all getting better in the offensive line. That is the key.  Every week. Better.

I have been afraid to look, but Art  Dlugach  says it was 1998 when last Llano beat Burnet. If that is 18 years, that is enough.  Our over all record against the Bulldogs is still in our favor, 39-35-2.  But win # 40 would look great.  All State receiver Sterling Gilban returns.  He had 10 TD catches last year.  Our secondary will get tested plenty.  Again, a great pass rush will help. Ray, Josh, Austin, and Daniel may need to get their track shoes on.  Chasing the Burnet quarterback and catching him will be the key to Llano winning.

Llano has played two team in which they lost.  Smithville and Sonora together are 8-0.  Playing a very high profile and solid always team like the Bulldogs gives Llano the opportunity to step out of the shadows.  This game Llano can win.  I said 5 weeks ago Llano could beat Burnet, and now the week is here.  Lets make this a team effort, and a community effort.  And bring home victory # 40 over the Bulldogs.

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