Put East Side Aside, On to Important Stuff

The Yellow Jackets game against the East Side Panthers was two teams with little interest in the finer points of football.  East Side played hard, but had little to work with.  Llano played down to their competition, and there is little to write home about.  Jackets had 5 turnovers in the first quarter.  That may be a record.  Would need to start a new category for that, but will not bother.

No team should be playing a school when it is in only its second year of varsity play.  Five others have, and I will bet that the game did little for the improvement of their teams.  I cannot even blame our Jackets for not “getting up” for this game.  We played sloppy in places, we had great plays in spots, but our minds were not in Jacket Stadium.  On to more important matters.

The game against power and 6-0 Navarro at Navarro will be a test that either becomes an opportunity or a thud.  I remember back in the mid 1990s’ when head coach Karl McCormack scheduled Abilene Wylie before district play.  The Jackets were not great.  But by playing the Bulldogs at mid season, Llano was able to see who they were.  And the Jackets played their best football in those two games against Abilene Wylie.  Their best football against State ranked teams.  The Jackets get that opportunity Friday night.  The chance to show the world, Mom and Dad, girlfriends, and Jacket Nation…we are good, and when we play our best, we are real good.

The Jackets have shown they can put up points.  Averaging 35.8 per game.  The defense can play with anyone, giving up about 23 points per game.  But this week Llano will be playing  the slot-t offense.  Navarro will run the ball, and then they will run the ball again.  And run it well. Put no lipstick on this,  Navarro was 14-1 last year, and their very good quarterback returns, as Will Eveld is starting for his third year.  The Jackets will not stop Eveld and this offense. But Llano is very capable of slowing this machine down.  The Jackets defensive line is very good.  Five to six players in and out, and all are good football players.  They must all show up in Geronimo Stadium Friday night and play their best game.  If the Jackets have their heads on straight, we can make a game of it.  No stupid mistakes.  No tempers getting in the way of ego.  Gang tackling ever play.  And go for the turnovers.

The Jacket offense plays at times… great.  12 different receivers have caught passes. Seems whoever carries the ball can average 6 yards a try.  Lineman must play under control. And everyone hold on to the ball.

I’m excited.  I cannot wait until Friday night.  This Jacket team is a real football team.  Very capable of doing some really good things.  And beating Navarro is not unimaginable. When Llano shows up Friday night with everyone on the same page, Llano could come home with its first victory ever over the Panthers.  Nothing is more important than the Jackets seeing they can beat a good team.  Now is the time for all, but the seniors can bring this team to a place that it has never been before.  See you  at Navarro.

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