Expectations are Not About Someone Else

The building blocks that first year head football coach Matt Green set in place laid a foundation.  But the walls and roof are still to be built.  Coach Green has expectations, but his biggest worry is that he does his part.  That he does not miss something.  That he does not let a player slip by he and his staff.  That they misjudge a player.  Or, misjudge the players ability. Or, misjudge the position the player is lined up at.  Lots to worry about when you are Coach.

But a players expectations have to be selfish.  Cade Fly cannot be expecting Brooks Keele to get bigger and faster so Cade can complete more passes.  Cade expectations have to be on what Cade expects of himself.  What does he have to do to get bigger and stronger.  What does he have to work on so that he sees the playing field better when he scrambles around on a busted play.  What does he work on so that turnovers of his offense are at a minimum.  Cade has to do that for Cade.  Brooks can take care of himself and his own expectations.  This is one part of being on a team in which you make sure you are carrying your part of the load.

Not my expectations, but my concerns or worries, are really just that.  But while I loved the Jackets offensive and  defensive lineman of 2017, now I worry that most all will be moving on.  I hope I said this in the right way.  You just do not jump out there and replace a Ray Dixon, Daniel Sparks, or Josh Soliz. Or for that matter Austin Humphrey and Dalton Bauman.  Best defensive lineman as a group in maybe 20 years in Llano.

When I look at the players coming back, I see Drew Cooper.  When healthy, one quick and determined football player.  But Drew needs help.  And one way Drew gets that help is by being a locker room leader.  Younger players will be looking up to older experienced players like Drew, and Brooks, and Mason Brooks, and Tyler Lindell.  And leading by example is one way to find the replacements of Ian Fletcher and Luis Coronado.  They do not grow on trees.  But Llano has them.  The experienced players have to expect more of themselves.  More now than ever.  It can be said that is how you start building the walls, and then the roof.  Or, how you build a football team.

I think the Jackets in  2018 could have lots of skill position talent.  Besides Cade at quarterback, and a good athlete in Kendall Downey as backup, and Brooks catching a few passes.  Mason running and playing defense.  Charlie Mote gets healthy.  Kaleb Dodson is going to be good.  Ethan Tisdale in the secondary will be working to replace great seniors Gage Cox and Tyler Gann.  Thomas Adams  must step up and do the same.  Christian Kirby too.  All three are good athletes.  All three can be difference makers. So can Presley  Lynch and Logan Duggar.  Both showed they were players. Aaron Brown could be whatever he wants to be.  His expectations of himself should be high.  Hard work will get Aaron and the rest of the Jackets to the place they want to be. Expect it of yourself.

Look forward to February.  Our district may stay the same, but have heard there could be adjustments.  Coach Green is working on the schedule.  May be hard to find the right teams for Llano to face in 2018.  But it reminded me of past years and so many teams that have been in our district in the past.  Lake Travis, Georgetown, Round Rock, Dripping Springs, Manor, Ballinger, Coleman, Brownwood, Fredericksburg, Mason, San Saba, Liberty Hill, Gatesville, Bandera.  6 former State Champions in that group.

Never intend to leave anyone out, but I usually do. Will keep trying to get all of  you players recognized.  But to you young players.  With so many seniors gone, what an opportunity.  Every year Llano has players that step up and play better than ever expected.  You can be one of those players. Work hard, work harder.  And expect a lot of yourself.

Continue to tweek the record book…Lots of new entries over the weeks.  Do not hesitate to let me know when I have erred.  I want this thing right.

If someone out there could help on this one.  Need stats  for Anthony Watson and Aaron Brown for 2016.  Ned to add to their totals of this season.  I should have it, but cannot find it!!!please call or email…mvirdell@virdellrealestate.com…or 325-248-3515.

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