2018 Seniors Give Base to Build Future

The 2018 seniors have had time to start reflecting on the success of their seniors year.  Sure, it could have been better, but there will only be one team out of 90 4-A, Division 11 schools that will have no regrets.  Navarro and Cuero play each other this week in game 14 of the season.  Expect a repeat of the district contest.  I hope Cuero wins it all. That would put the number at 7 teams that have been in Llano’s district that went on to win state, should Cuero win.

I am going about things different this year. I am going to post on this site names and numbers that will be put into the record book.  Should I make an error, please let me know.  Also, will still be reviewing the season, and a few more comments about our players, and returning players.

I am planning on adding more categories in the “PLAY OFF” section.  May take a bit.  but One new category will be “Longest Pass/Pass Reception.” 1. Cade Fly to Quincy Prince, 2018, Hondo Bi-District Game, 91 Yards, TD  2. Cade Fly to Brooks Keele, 2018, West Oso Area game, 84 Yards, TD.

In Other Categories;  Most Games Started Career:  Cade Fly 22…should be in top 5.

Most TD Passes Season- Cade Fly: 19   Most Career TD Passes:  35…. Career Yardage with 2017 Yardage…1721 plus 2091…3812…should be second best all time.

In Category of Receiving Yards: Most Yards in a Season, Brooks Keele- 384…add in 2017 for career…1,065 Yards….also Catches Career: 22 plus 2017 catches.

Senior Mason Brooks…2017 season rushing yards 681…2018…585  Total:  1266 yards should be in top 25.

Do Know that Quincy broke a record that has lasted since 1976.  Larry Clutter in 1976 had 10 catches for 313 yards, a 31.3 yard per catch.  Minimum number of catches is 10.  Quincy this season caught 15 passes for 505 yards…a 33.7 yards per catch.  5 TDS. That is remarkable.  Larry will be happy for you.

Still thinking about some defense recognition:  We have interceptions.  Have only scattered tackles and sacs from past…but I guess we HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE.

Diego will have his name in several first place catagories.  But more research….I will post more items later this week.  Thanks for the memories.


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