2018 All District Team Continues

While Llano had 8 Yellowjackets make the First Team All District team, maybe just as important are the 11 Yellowjackets that were listed on the second team.  The strength and depth shows why Llano has taken a very positive move in the right direction.  More and more better players, and all get noticed by opposing coaches.  Coach Green can not vote for his own players.  The teams that Llano played against in district play is how one gets that nod.  You had to impress more than just mom, dad and girlfriend.

Cade Fly made plenty of noise over the past two seasons.  Starting 22 games put Cade at fourth most at quarterback in history of Llano.  His 3,812 career yards is second all time.  His 405 yards against Sonora in 2017 is the most yards in a  game ever for a Jacket quarterback.  His 238 yards passing  this season against Hondo in Llano’s overtime win is a playoff record.  Cade had 8 games in his career of over 200 yards passing. And this season his 2,091 yards is second most ever in one season, surpassed only by Brian Edwards in 2001 with 2,164. Cade tied the season touchdown passes with 19.  Ties at the number one spot with Bryan Hill and Brian Edwards. And Cade ended his career with 35 TD passes, and number one all time.  A great player.  Many other places in the record book, and his name will live a long time there.

Kendall Downey played more quietly, but with big impact. Playing both offense  and defense, Kendall was second team all district at both tight end and defensive end.  19 catches for 203 yards.  21 solo tackles and 40 total tackles.  And a very good blocker.  Usually over looked.  Loved how he made great plays at great moments. A great senior that had a great season.

Mason Brooks was all district at Safety on defense.  And second team on offense at running back.  Not to repeat what I said the previous article, but Mason helped make the Jacket passing attack work.  585 yards rushing, averaging 4.9 yards. Tough, tough runner, and good pass blocker for the passing game.  Hard to coach what Mason brought to the game.

Quincy Prince was a catch away from breaking open every game.  His 91 yard touchdown, record breaking catch saved the Hondo Bi District game.  15 catches and 505 yards his Junior season.  His 33.66 yards per catch is a school record that has stood since 1976.  A joy to watch.  Can’t wait until September.  Hard work and getting stronger gives Quincy a chance to become elite.

Brooks Keele has been Cade’s go to receiver the past two seasons.  Brooks 7 TD catches this season and 12 TDs for career ties him second all time with Ned Butler from the 1976-77 season.  45 career catches is 10th all time. 818 career yards is 8th all time best.  A good blocker, and always a menace to opposing secondary players, a big clog in the Jacket attack.  Will be very hard to replace.

Cant’ say enough about how much improvement Llano saw in the play of the defense.  Not just a little.  Improved over 7 points a game over last season, and over two touchdown improvement over just  a few years back.  In this high octane offense days, defense becomes more important than ever.  Everyone scores.  Just how do you keep it close so your own offense can stay in the game.  The Jacket defense kept Llano in most every game.

Few played harder than senior Presley Lynch at safety.  34 solo tackles, and 70 tackles, good open field tackler, and fast.  The Jacket secondary stood out with this senior leading a strong field. Hope Presley passed on some of his secrets to junior Justin Yocum at cornerback.  Justin had 22 solo tackles and 45 tackles.  The Jackets had two first team secondary players, Mason Brooks and Christian Kirby.  These four players were just great.  Man oh man….will these guys be missed. Justin again will need a short memory.

Kaleb Dodson may have been over shadowed by two first team defensive lineman. Drew Cooper and Giuillermo Davilla.  Both super tough in the trenches.  But Kaleb gave no quarter.  17 solo tackles, 39 tackles, tough as they get.  Llano had no weakness in the trenches from any spot.  And just as important, Kaleb, and Davilla and Cooper kept blockers off Llano linebackers. I spoke so much about the 2017 Jacket defensive lineman that were so good.  2018 was just as good.

Linebacker position:  Man oh man.  Everyone has to work together.  The secondary gets help with a strong pass rush.  The linebackers get help when the lineman keep blockers off them.  But this season, our three linebackers more than played their part.  Sophomore All District Mason Baker is a star.  But his two position mates do not carry his water.  Quentin Franklin and Logan Duggar are so good and so aggressive I caught myself praying for a blitz by one of the trio.  They seemed to always make the plays.  Duggar with 49 solo tackles and Quentin with 38 solo tackles and 57 tackles. 2019 looks like it is in good firm hands with all three returning. As a unit, they are so much fun to watch.

Next article in a few days, we will talk about more Jackets. Thanks for reading.

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