Two Undefeated Teams Meet

This Friday night is special, due to both District teams come into the game with undefeated records. Comfort is 6-0 and will be looking for that big number 7. Llano at 5-0 too feels like answering the call.

It has been many years since the Jackets have played in such an important game. All know that Comfort has it sights on Llano. Blanco in our District also will be thinking they should have the inside track on October 23. And Pre-season District favorite Lago Vista on October 16 thinks they too will have the best shot at the Jackets playing on their home field. All today, think they will win the District.

Llano will win because I think the Jackets will have the best team. But the best team does not always win. Things like no turnovers, fewer penalties, and fewer dropped passes does win games. And most often, the blocking of the offensive line decide the contest. Llano’s offensive line is good. Come District play, this week, they must play better.

Seniors Dalton Enberg, Colin Mayes, Luke Hicks are leaders. Two year starter Matthew Whitley can be dominating. Junior Zach Watson is very sound. Young Sophomore Ross Edwards has gotten seasoned. Jesus Chacon, Darrell Sandeford provide strong backup. This core group of lineman will need to to play great against Comfort. Keeping your cool….concentration on snap counts, careful on being downfield are just a short list of things you need to be thinking about all week. Llano will win if this group plays great.

Mentioned it once before, but this is the third game in a row that the Jackets play an undefeated team. San Saba, Ballinger, and now Comfort. With the Somerset game being cancelled last week, I think maybe Coach Green knew his team. Maybe the week off will work out just fine.

I’ve gotten so superstious as I grow older…worrying about wearing the same Jacket shirts to the game. Parking near the same spot. I have a very old cow I was going to sale before football season began. Now at 5-0, I can’t sale her. She maybe carrying some of that luck. I now hope it is very cold weather before she goes to those green pastures above, but for now, she stays right where she is. If you were to drive past my home, and see and old gray cow enjoying the last days of a very long life, know that she too has a stake in this football season. Llano on to 6-0.

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