Jackets District Champions 2020

2020 went as planned, as  the Llano Yellowjackets are the District 13 3-AAA, Division 1 Champions.  The Jackets were to play last place Lulling Friday night in Lulling.  But 100 hours before kick-off, the host called and reported players with the Covid-19 virus.  The Jackets win the District, as they beat all three contenders for the title.  Llano beat Comfort, Lago Vista and Blanco on successive Friday nights.  The Championship is the first for Llano since the 1997 season, 23 years ago.

The Jackets had hoped that a perfect 10-0 season was in the makings. But in the seventh week of the season, Somerset called and backed out of the game with the Jackets, despite Llano was to travel to Somerset.  Reasons were mixed, but became more confusing when Somerset rescheduled with a weaker team and played that Friday night.  Llano stayed at home.

Lulling being a different story.  The virus took out a proud team, and may have ended their season.  They have seniors on their team also.

Head football Coach Matt Green tried to find another team to replace the Lulling game.  At 9:30 PM Thursday night Coach Green thought he had.  Waco Reicher, a private school also had a cancellation.  Game on!  But at school Friday morning, Reicher had players test positive for Covid-19, and game off.

Llano will go now 21 days without playing a game.  Bi-District lies ahead, on November 13.  Team and place maybe known by Llano Coaching staff, but I will not speculate here.  Llano’s sister District is District 14, 3-AAA, Division 1.  All four District 13 teams that have made the play-offs will play District 14s’ four teams.  Llano will get the number 1 seed out of our District, playing the number 4 seed out of District 14.

The Jackets will enter the State play-offs averaging 42.75 points a game on offense.  And a defense that has allowed only 15.6 points a game.  The Jackets should be as healthy as they can be, with the three week break.  But the next two weeks are when many play-off games are won.

You can relax and coast, or work harder.  The Jackets know how special this season can be.  The seniors have been dreaming about this moment since they were in the 7th grade.  No time to relax.  From this time forward, Llano wins on the field, but also prepare for the next game as if were to be their last.  Preparing mentally is just as important as practice on the field.  Mistakes shape games.  Llano knows there is little room for mistakes in these 48 minute games.

I have all the confidence in the world in this team and the 20 seniors.  This town and all fans everywhere hold our breathes every Friday night.  The Coaching staff has been  so carful watching for every opportunity to keep out players safe.  No risk would be worth losing out on the next 7 weeks.

The Jackets start preparing for Bi-District.  District 14 is all to our South, so game  will be in that direction.   Other teams in all districts, still have another week of regular season play.  I still look for Blanco to win and place second in our District.  I expect all four District 13 teams to win in Bi-District.  The strong District with all teams having winning records has helped to prepare for the games on the weekend of November 13.  Llano’s  preparation begins today.

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  1. Art Dlugach says:

    Another good one! Making an exciting seas

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