2021 Jackets District Champions

The Jackets sweeping the 13-3A District for the second year in a row secures a place in history for these 2021 senior Jackets. Only the 1975 and 1976 teams won outright District Crowns, making only the second time this has happened. The 2021 team outscored their District foes by a score of 125 to 12.

The Jackets beat Lulling Friday night 43-2 and extended their home field winning streak to 11, going back to the last game in 2019. The Jackets “open” date is this week, and will play the fourth place team in District 14, Class 3-A. Several teams in that District could make the play-offs, with Marion or San Antonio Cole most likely. That game will likely be played on Friday, November 12th.

The 7-2 Jackets are averaging about 34 points per game. The defense has allowed 111 points this season, for an average of 12.3 points per game. Excellent numbers on both sides of the ball.

Llano was able to jump out early against Lulling. Leading 27-0 after the first quarter, and tacking on 16 more in the second quarter, it was a game easy to watch. Lulling blocked Llano’s extra point after the Jackets 5th TD, and ran it all the way back for the 2 points. But flags went everywhere. The officiating crew decided that each team had an infraction. But instead of waving the play to be a do over, they granted the two points to Lulling. That might be the right call, but not sure. Head Coach Matt Green spoke several minutes with the referees. By his body language, I’m pretty sure he thought the same. But Coach Green was in a bad spot. You’re leading 34-0 in the middle of the second quarter. Do you really want to make a big, big deal out of the two points? Our gentleman of a head coach walked away. Score 34-2.

The Jackets ready themselves for a play-off run. And while this is a veteran group. there are only 3 senior starters. 9 total seniors, and includes ones that could not even suite up due to injury. I count 9 starters from last years 13-1 team. This team knows what to expect in the play-offs. They understand how short the game can be, and understand that losers go home. A veteran team, with veteran coaches can and should have high expectations. This team is fun to watch. There is much fun ahead.

Many players had great games against Lulling, and better said, had great plays. But just as important, everyone played. Everyone contributed. And those plays can make a big difference in the play-offs. Next week we’ll talk about the meaning of the Bi-District game…give a little history, and mention a few players that have been difference makers in on this Championship year.

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