4-0 Jackets in New District Race

The Llano Yellowjackets took on West Texas 2A power Coleman Friday night and dismantled the Bluecats by a score of 31-6. Ranked # 5 in the Harris Poll, and #6 in the Max Prep poll Coleman traveled the road to Jacket Stadium expecting a different outcome. Coleman’s outstanding quarterback Jadin Jackson met a very determinded Jacket defense that played its best game to date. Lead by linebackers Hayden Manahan, Ricky de la Torre and Brock Fly, Llano held the high powered offense to less than 250 total yards. The Jacket defensive line of senior Jaxon Rhea, Bryce Mize, Kyle Gilland were just outstanding. And Llano’s secondary is trying hard to be as menacing as the 2020 secondary. Isaiah Bush, Braeden Hatfield, Ulisses Martinez along with veteran Caden Bauman makes any quarterbacks night long. Braeden, Isaiah and Caden each have two interceptions for the 4 game season.

Linebacker Fitz Kennedy had another great night, leading the team with 4 sacs for the season. Hayden and Ricky each have three. Defensive back Charlie White, a junior is having a strong season. Senior linebacker Luke Turner keeps making big plays and had a tackle for a loss to end Coleman’s last offensive effort. That was followed by Caden’s second interception of the season.

The Jacket offense is averaging 347 yards rushing per game, and 165 yards passing per game. Having played two 4A schools, a 5A school, and a high ranked 2A school, the Jackets now go into unknown territory. A district with 3 teams from the San Antonio area. Llano has never played any of these schools.

You can trust this offense. Lead by senior Carson Kuykendall with over 150 yards per game, and Miguel Hernandez with over 97 yards per game, plus great backup players in Dusty Miller and Remington Hipp. Dusty had 99 yards rushing last week against Austin Crockett. Junior quarterback Briggs Green had his best game throwing against Coleman. 12 of 24 for 255 yards and two TD passes. One to senior Sam Sueltenfuss on a 56 yard pass, and the second to Jackson Dillard. Senior Ross Prokop had two catches for 74 yards. Coy Kelso had a catch, as did Miguel. Both Coy and Miguel are considered two of the best blockers on the team.

The offensive line has been outstanding. Lead by three year starters, Ross Edawrds, Daniel Sandoval and Hudson Godfrey….and senior Jaxon Lange takes a back seat to no one at center. Junior Dylan Kennedy gets better every game. Brannen Green, a senior is a very good backup lineman, as is big Donaven Rodriguez. Donaven, a junior, has also started reliefing on the defensive line, is a force in the middle on defense with Bryce Mize. Blocking by junior Parker Parrish has been invaluable. Gavin Anderson too can block, and gives super effort on every play. I’ve watched, and as Carson or Miguel break the line of scrimmage, you see them looking for Coy, and Parker, Gavin and Alex Kachura downfield so they can break off their block. A great team effort. You don’t average over 500 yards of offense if not all 11 players are giving 100% effort.

New District: 13-3AAA, Div. 1- SA Randolph is 4-0. Marion, Lulling, and Ingram are all 3-1. High ranked Blanco is 2-2. The Jackets play SA Cole in San Antonio Friday night. With 7 teams in the district, the four playoff teams are up for grabs. Every team thinks it can be a playoff team. Most every team will up their effort. Especially against the Jackets.

The Jackets on the other hand have expectations. Having won the District Championship the last two years and Llano goes for #3. The Jackets have never won three district championships in a row. Many of Llano’s 27 seniors are playing on the varsity for their third year. They are 25-4 over the past 29 games.

A super congratulatory goes the Head Coach Matt Green, with his 44th win as Yellowjacket head coach. Coach Green takes little credit as the winningest Coach in school history, without mentioning what he considers and many consider, the best staff ever. Defensive Coordinator Matt Anastasio, offensive coordinator Ryan Priem, special teams coach Robbie Coplin, along with Richard Kattner, Neville Triplett, Joe Downey, Todd Doucet, Beau Burnet and Joe Kennedy. Thank you all.

The first win in District play may be considered the most important. Llano’s pre-season games have gotten them ready for a play-off run and these 6 district games. But it all beings Friday night in San Antonio. Llano by 25 against Cole.

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1 Response to 4-0 Jackets in New District Race

  1. artt@nctv.com says:

    Thanks…another dandy Play to Win….

    Bush, you may have seen, was in a boot Friday…He may be held back this week and next…..Glad to see Sandoval back….No other injuries….I REALLY like this team!! And beating Burnet, and Matt getting #44 is something in the first four weeks of season…..


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