Lead Does Not hold Up Against Lytle

Maybe one of the most difficult things in all of sports is bearing down when you have a lead.  When the Llano Yellowjackets went ahead 20-6 with 6:56 left in the second quarter Friday night against District Foe Lytle, it looked like cruise control was a good course of action.  But from that point forward, the Jackets gained all of 19 totals yards until the 7:46 was left in the game.  Dropped passes, missed blocks, and a let up that was only noticeable in the stats.  Having your foot on the neck of the opponent is not the time to let up.

And while the Jackets were not playing their best, two pass interceptions, a recovered fumble, and a blocked punt for a TD, the Jackets in many aspects were playing good football.  TD passes by senior quarterback Holden Simpson to junior Dalton Dewveall and junior Airon Layton on 35 and 66 yards respectively. Both outstanding plays by all, and great offensive line blocking lead by seniors Colin Mayne and Stetson Watson, along with Jose Arredondo and Colton Ekstrom and back from injury, Colton Center.  31 points should win most games.

Lytle had offensive drives of 61, 70, 70,71, and 59 yards.  These drives broke the backs of Llano maintaining a lead.  The 15 play 70 yard drive opening the third quarter should have got the Jacket’s defense attention.  Missed tackles, less gang tackling, all contributed.  The Jackets season of allowing 34 points per contest will win few games.  Yet in the two that Llano lost by three, Brady and Lytle, Llano just did not close the games when opportunities presented themselves.  Now, the Jackets must close out a game.  Hondo is on the board.

Llano and Hondo both face the same fate.  Lose and likely the season is over.  Anyone can beat Navarro on any given night, but they will be tough in the last week of regular season play.  Llano goes to the playoffs when they travel to Hondo and win. Hondo has a good football team.  History says they win at home.  And history says the Jackets play just as well on the road.  Now is the moment for Llano to play a full game.  Score 31 and hold Hondo to 3oo yards offense, and we will win.  Every game Llano has great and bright plays.  Friday night, the Jackets must light up the skies to make this a memorable season.

The defense must show up.  Play like it is your last game.

Llano 31  Hondo 16

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