Liberty Hill Challenge Lies Ahead

    When the 2009 LLano Yellow Jackets played Liberty Hill in the last game of the 2009 football season, Llano was a 3-5 team.  Little to look forward to, except one thing…beat Liberty Hill.  Llano won that meaningless game at the end of the 2009 season, except, even today, it does mean something.

   The difference is clear.  The first district game of 8-3A, means everything.  The 2-3 Yellow Jackets have every reason in the world to make this the most important game of their lives.  # 8 ranked Liberty Hill comes to Llano a very heavy favorite.  Llano has some injuries that are still on the mend.  One two way starter will not play.  The stage is set for a big a Jacket upset, and these 2012  seniors are just the guys to pull it off.

   Play like you did against Wimberley in quarters 2-4.  Play like you did against Bangs in all four quarters.  Play like you did against Bandera in the fourth quarter, and for that matter, like you did against Fredericksburg the last 8 minutes.  You see….Llano has played great football in spots this season.  In places, they have played above thier abilities.

   Friday night, Llano will have to play four full quarters in order to win.  If you get behind, play harder, and when you get ahead, play harder.  Make this the most important game of your life.

    LLano by 12.

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