2-4 Jackets Take on Lampasas

   The 55-28 lost to Liberty Hill had so many different signals, that a four way stop sign intersection would be more managable.  Had you told me that Llano would out gain Liberty Hill by 119 yards, then I would take that as a win.  Tell me that Layton and Rhett would have record book entries in one game, I’d take that as a win.  Tell me that Caleb Penny would have a great game at linebacker…I’m good….tell me that Carter Tatsch would come in for injured Storey Tatsch, and rush for 98 yards, and Allen Lucas would carry 8 times for a 5.4 yard average…I’m very good…all of this telling me that Taylor Stewart, Eli Tiffin, Giberto Arredondo, Russell Webb, Jacob Beasley, Ryan West, and freshman Colton Center were controlling the line of scrimmage.  558 yards against the #8 team in the State in 3-A!  And don’t let me forget the play of Jake Rodriguez and Cooper Hill on special teams.  Hill, with Tristan Sabrsula and Nick Bornholt were stopping the Liberty Hills super slot-t attack.  Matt Center had 5 catches from Rabb, and Devin Mayne makes plays that count.  Junior Sawyer Stiles had three catches from Rabb, and Mason Ladd had a very good game.  Kralen Dickerson is playing more every game, and getting better.  David Durham has stepped up his play and with Storey Tatach out, in comes senior Pedro Perez who kicks three extra points like he has been at this his whole life.  Sophomore Jalen Bauman had an 11 yard catch and will be more involved as the district rolls on.  And senior Zach Morgan keeps pace with his punting average of over 35 yards, and playing very well at defensive end.

   But, the Jackets lost to a good team.  Liberty Hill is still very good. They had a run back of 85 yards on the opening kick-off, and a punt return for a TD, and a 60 yard TD run, all by super star Jadon Boatright.  Llano was right there.  The Jackets  allowed too many big plays, and still need work on tackling 5 feet 3 inch running backs.  Liberty Hill had two!

   Lampasas is another slot-t running football team.  They have no running backs that are 5 foot 3 inches, so this may get easier.  Llano has played the Badgers 40 times over the past 60 years, and have only won 8, with two ties.  I really think Llano will travel to Lampasas with a little skip in their walk.  Llano played Liberty Hill pretty darn good.  The passing game was really on.  Devin, Matt, Rhett, Mason, Sawyer, and Wil Siegenthaler all can catch, and Layton distributes the ball very well.  Give the ball to Carter, let the big guys block, and everyone bear down harder on defense, and the Lampasas game is very winnable.  Play defense against the slot-t like the Liberty Hill game, and the Jackets come out on top with another road victory this season.  Llano can win their remaining games.  Getting to the play-offs is what the big picture is all about.  It starts Friday night in Lampasas.

One last thought.  Several weeks ago, Coach Slaughter, at his Friday weekly Booster club meeting, mentioned that there were 178 plays, I think in the Bandera Game!  Llano had 34 running plays and 39 passes in the Liberty Hill game.  I had Liberty Hill with 56 plays.  So many teams have gone to the no huddle offense in order to run more plays.  It is more easy to do the no huddle when you run a formation like the slot-t….you really only have about 6 plays…call them at the line of scrimmage….but a passing attack has more to think about….The Jackets averaged about 7 yards per snap against Liberty Hill.  If Llano could run about 90 plays a game…well…you do the Math!!!  Llano 35, Lampasas 24.

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