Wet & Flat: A Bad Combination

Little to say about the Boerne game.  The Jackets were flat.  Little speed or get up and go could be seen.  These things do happen.  Maybe Llano should have expected a let down at some point.  Beating two good teams in Bangs and Bandera after the Layton Rabb  surgery was little else but “winning by determination”.  Llano played three inexperienced quarterbacks, and all played very well.  Holden Simpson, Tyler Stiles and Jalen Bauman.  Winning by committee rarely works.  It did for two weeks this time.  But emotion will not carry the Jackets the rest of the way.

   The main reason Llano had some let down, is that the energy of gang tackling was not as important has it was in the first three games this season.  So many times, the Jackets had 4, 5 , 7 players in on a tackle.  Not so in the Boerne game.  The seniors must regain that edge this week against Fredericksburg. Mansell, Tiffin, Trevor Penny and Clancy Durham  must keep the pressure on up front. Gang tackles prevent long gains.  Still, cannot complain about the over-all defense.  At this juncture,  Llano is allowing 19 points per game.  Great improvement over past years.  Give up only 19 points a game in the next 6 games, and the Jackets will win district.

   But beating Fredericksburg is all that matters now.  After three weeks of home games, LLano travels to ‘Billie town.  Llano has won 4 of the last 5 contest with Fredericksburg.  Continued great play from Kralen Dickerson, Mason Ladd and Arron Moss, as well as linebacker Lance Reven  should keep the game close.  Llano must find some offense.  The offensive line must provide more blocking for running back Carter Tasch. Giberto Arredondo and Eli Tiffin must provide the leadership to get the offense moving.  Key to beating Fredericksburg.

   Keys to beating the Billies?  Get the ball to the key play makers.  Reven at tight end.  Jumping for high balls by 6’4 Issac Hutto.  Getting Carter to the outside in a power sweep. And his best plays to date are still the screen pass.  Llano has had it’s off week.  Now, back to work.  Llano by 17 over Fredericksburg.

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