2-3 Jackets Ready for District Play

   I can’t feel bad about the 2-3 Jackets.  Had  Llano been healthy, we would be 4-1.  But still, Llano is playing hard.  The defense, statically, is the best in 8 years.  Allowing only 92 points in 5 games works out to 18.4 points per game.  That is winning football.  So many players have stepped up. Seniors Eli Tiffin, Blain Steffen and Tristan Lynch get better every game.  Senior Ryan Mansell is a monster at times.  Juniors Lance Reven and Clancy Durham play hard every play.  Senior workhorse Caleb Penny did not play the second half against the Billies but will be 100% in the first district game against Liberty Hill  He is playing tough like the leader he is.  And cannot speak high enough of our secondary.  Lead by Mason Ladd, Tommy Yelvington, Sawyer Stiles, Lynch, Chance Ware and Kralen Dickerson…this group is just plain old good. May be one of the best groups in the secondary in many years.  And love the play of Arron Moss, Erich Burch, Eliazar Villegas  and Grant Jones.  All show up to play 100%.  If the gang tackling continues, Llano could be very much in the mix in District 8-AAA.

   The line must get better.  Should injured senior quarterback  Layton Rabb return, or if junior Holden Simpson continues as play caller,  more time is needed in the pocket, and more surge must happen up front.  Running back Carter Tatsch is averaging close to 100 yards rushing per game.  But too many times he is downed in the back field for losses even before he takes a step.  This line could be very good.  Now is the time to step up and fire into the mouths of the defensive lineman. 

   Really want to see Issac Hutto and Jalen Bauman get the ball more.  Both very talented.  And with 10 touches for these two a game, you will see another 100 yards in offensive output.  Must get the ball to them, where ever they line up.

   Hutto continues to keep Llano close with consistent punting.  I had Issac with a 43 yard average against the Billies on 8 kicks.  That field advantage is invaluable.  Keep it up!

   Llano has the week off.  Time for injuries to heal.  Time to reflect.  Time to see the big picture.  Llano will be ready.  I’m excited about the opportunity.  Next week we will look at the other teams in our District.

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