New Season, New Hope

   The Fighting Llano Yellow Jackets take their 2-3 pre-district record to Liberty Hill Friday night to begin 8-AAA District play.  I will make a presumption that Layton Rabb will play this week.  Should he not, just trash this article.  The Jackets would go back to Plan B should Rabb not play.

   The good for Llano is that the “other”  players on the 2013 team found out they were pretty good. They discovered they could play with the other big 3-AAA schools and not be embarrassed.  They discovered they could play very strong defense and keep their team in the football game.  In fact, Llano was in a position to win the past two games late in the game, but just did not pull it out.  But, they could have.  There should be no lack of confidence in this team.  The Jackets have played hard and this is a much better team at this time now, as compared to the 2012 team.  With Rabb, Llano has a good chance to win 8-3AAA.

   With Rabb out for 5 weeks, we cannot expect him to be Rabb of old.  Layton will still be weak somewhat, and it will take him time to get his timing down.  That is where the seniors show up for game time.  This senior team can step up.  This defense, while allowing only 18 points per game, will have to play better.  Yes, even better.  Mansell, Reven, Penny, Ladd,  Arredondo, Tiffin, Steffen, Villegas, Long, Lynch, Hutto, and Ware must play their best.  Best ever to beat the Panthers.  Harp, Webb, Ekstrom, center, Forrister, Durham, Yelvington, Dickerson and Stiles …yes your best.  Simpson, Stiles, and Burch…your best.   Jones, Jordan, Miller, Shoemate, Blackmon, Mayne, Riley…your best.  And our best play makers…Bauman and Tatsch…your best game.  You all have it in you to play harder and smarter.  Gang tackle.  Block until the whistle blows.  No show offs.  No penalties.  Think about it and do not try to be the hero. Be the team player and play hard to the end.  It feels funny, but I feel and know Llano can beat the Panthers.  Llano by 7.

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