Success In Brady, Not All Apple Pie

The 47-28 victory by the Llano Yellowjackets Friday night in Brady came with some hurt.  The possible loss of senior receiver Brooks Keele to an injury quieted the crowd, and sunk the Jacket team with an emotional blow. Keele’s 3 catches for 42 yards lead the team in catches, but the fourth quarter injury still put a damper on an other wise very good night. Keel’s ability to play again this season is not known at this time.

Llano began by giving the football to senior Mason Brooks. Mason had two carries for 21 yards and set up the Cade Fly to junior Quincy Prince with a strike over the middle for 43 yards and a TD.  Prince would catch another TD before halftime for 64 yards.  Senior Dalton Moore had two carries before Quincy’s catch to set up that score.  Dalton ran two times for 25 yards. All in all, the runs set up the passing game.  Senior quarterback Cade Fly had his best night of the young season, hitting 10 of 18 passes for over 200 yards. But make no mistake, the Jacket running game is in good hands.  Brooks and Moore and are good running backs.  Both very different.  And now that Donovan Arredondo has started carrying part of the load, the Jackets can be hard to manage.  Donavan had over 50 yards rushing, Moore, averaged over 12 yards a try, and Mason had over 170 yards rushing.

Seven Jackets caught passes.  Quincy, Keele, Dalton, senior Ethan Tisdale, senior Thomas Adams, sophomore Case Kuykendall, and senior Kendall Downey. Add in a few runs by Fly when he sees a little light, and the 47 points were the nice result.

Just a moment on a great night again by a defense that gets better every week.  Brady had some very fast and tough running backs.  But the defense had four,  3 plays and punt, and forced two fumbles.  Great nights by Jacob Cruz, Mason Baker, Presley Lynch, and Logan Duggar.  Sometimes these guys are out of control.  And with senior Drew Cooper manning the front four, Llano has a defense.  Quinton Franklin, Ryan Warner, Jose Villa, Kendall, Mason, Justin Yocum.  All come to play.  Alex Shaw is making noises.  So is Guillermo Davila.  Good aggressive play. And seniors Christian Kirby  and Kaleb Dodson play hard every play.  Case Kuykendall from the safety position made a great tackle that saved a TD.  Tyler Lyndell and Ryan Warner are always in on the action.  Love it!!

But this week, the offensive line needs a nod.  Maybe even more than that.  Tyler, Shawn Hensley, Ryan, Ethan Eastwood, Villa, Heath Godfrey, big Alex Shaw, Joe Pogany, Luke Hicks…these guys are playing very very good.  We all recognize the Jackets have a few skill players.  Skills are hard to show off when you are tackled before you hand off or throw.  That was a worry three weeks ago.  My confidence in these lineman has grown.  This unit is doing a good job.  And getting better each week will allow our skill folks to do even more. It’s called getting better every week.

The 2-1 Jackets are back at Jacket Stadium this Friday night for Homecoming. Lago Vista will play their best game against Llano.  Llano will need to play its’ best game to win.  Llano’s success depends on getting better every single week.  Not taking time off because you feel good about last week.  The seniors need to know.  Winning Homecoming is one you will remember for the rest of time.  The Jackets will win because they work harder and then play smarter.  It starts today.

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