Defense, Special Teams Set Tone for Victory in San Angelo

A Blocked punt, 3 interceptions, an 84 yard punt return pushed the 2018 Yellowjackets record to 4-1 that earned Llano a victory over a large homecoming crowd in San Angelo Friday night. The Jacket defense just about played a complete game against the Chiefs of Lake View.  The Jacket defense forced a punt or held on fourth down on 6 series. The secondary defenders of junior Justin Yocum, senior Christian Kirby, and senior Presley Lynch each picked off Chief passes. Add a defensive blocked punt, and then to top it off, junior Quincy Prince did his magic with a breath taking 84 yard punt return for a TD.

The Jacket defense was bending at times.  But Llano players were relentless.  And maybe the most improved part of the Jacket defense maybe the secondary tackling.  Few times do these guys miss.  Thomas Adams, Mason Brooks, Christian, senior Dylan Inge, Justin, Presley, junior Logan Duggar, senior Ethan Tisdale and Joe Pogany all know how to tackle and bring a ball carrier to the ground. Presley on one series was in on every tackle, and then intercepted on third down. Best secondary I have seen in may years.

Logan Duggar ( 23 solo tackles), Mason Baker ( 32 solo tackles), Drew Cooper, and Quentin Franklin (23 solo tackles) are playing lights out defense.  Holy smokes.  I know they make mistakes.  But the hustle.  Jacob Cruz is a monster. And Adams along with sophomore Guillermo Davila are trying to make Llano fans forget about last season’s front four. Guillermo I think blocked the punt of the Chiefs in the second quarter.  Junior Ryan Warner keeps making key plays. And senior Kalen Dodson is making play after play.  Great effort. And # 10.  A sophomore.  Moved up this week from JV.  Aiden Cuthbertson.  Man, who let you loose.  Great addition. This defense is exciting.  And I do not think they will be backed down by anyone we play.  Just tremendous effort on all parts.

Oh yes…our offense showed up too!!   Several things to note.  The best thing I see about our offense is 10 players handled the football.  Either catching passes….senior Brooks Keele ( 3 catches), Quincy, sophomore Case Kuykendall (7 catches, 116 yards, one TD), senior Kendall Downey ( 4 catches), Ethan Tisdale ( 3 catches), senior Dylan Inge, and Yocum.  Or running the football…Mason Brooks, Donaven Arellano, Justin, Quincy, and Kendall, along with senior quarterback Cade Fly.  Strong group.

Cade was 20 for 30 passing…269 yards.  Just another day at the office for Cade.  But he spreads the ball around.  Hard to double up on anyone.  Always a threat to run, but this season Cade has been more selective.  His awareness very good.  Maybe why Jackets are averaging about 35 points per game.

High point maker was sophomore Diego Miguel.  3 extra points, two field goals, each 33 yards.  Nice nights work! ( Cade is his holder)

The offensive line is gaining confidence.  I can see it. Alex Shaw, Ethan Eastwood, senior Tyler Lindell, Jason Stark, junior Jose Villa, Heath Godfrey, and sophomore Luke Hicks. Ends Ivan Godo and Pogany even throw a few blocks.

Penalties are getting better…that does not sound right…anyway….let’s get that down to 3-4 a game…winning football.

We rest for a day or so.  With no game this week, the Jackets go to work harder.  Great TEAMS DO.  New season beginning October 12 in Jacket Stadium.  Navarro comes to Llano.  No time for party.  Llano shoulda, coulda beat Navarro last season.  This season it can.  But it starts now.  Prepare. Work hard.  Work smart. Be the first team to ever beat Navarro.  This Jacket can be that team.

Have a few other tid bits, but will save until later in the week…or make corrections from this week.  4-1…EVEN SOUNDS NICE!!

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  1. says:

    Loved the column–as always. Can you please resend your records section. Cade is on the rise !! Thanks, Art

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