2-0 Jackets Roll Lulling 59-14: Brady Next

The 2019 Llano Yellowjackets pounded Lulling 59-14 Friday night in Llano, improving their record to 2-0 for the young season.  The Jackets were ahead 19-0 after the first quarter, and lead 49-0 at halftime.  10 Jackets either caught passes, or ran the football.  Senior quarterback Braxton Vickers was 10 of 13 passing, with three dropped passes.  His 268 yards passing is the second week in a row Braxton has passed for more than 200 yards.  Case Kuykendall had 5 of the catches for 140 yards, including a 64 yard catch for a TD.  Case has 234 yards catching the football in two games.

Junior Jared Beasley had a one handed catch from Vickers in the second quarter on a 50 yard toss and score.  And earlier in the quarter, Vickers hit senior Quincy Prince on a 43 yard strike and a touchdown.  Case had two rushing TDs, and again, senior Donaven Arrellano was the top rusher for Llano with 83 yards. Seniors Jacob Bubenik and John Roberts also had catches.  Seniors Randall Murray and Aaron Brown carried the football much of the second half.  Senior Justin Yocum now has averaged over 7 yards a carry in two games.  This all leads to knowing someone else is doing a good job.

The Jackets offensive line has made most all of this possible.  These Jacket lineman are playing very good , and the season is early.  All will improve, but the protection is great.  And the run production shows great effort from these offensive lineman.  You will not hear their names on the load speaker at the games. Most of us do not know their names.  But I bet Yocum, Roberts and Prince know who they are.  Heath Godfrey, Dalton Enberg, Lewis McTighe, Jose Villa, Bubenik, Luke Hicks, Edgardo Resnediz, Mathhew Whitley, and Cade Ligon are the unknown players. One fine group with great hustle.

The Jacket defense is outstanding.  I do not want to go much further than that.  I believe in jinxes.  Do not want any part of having an effect on this group of Jackets.  Llano’s defense at this early part of the season are all one could have hoped for.  Not one, but about 15 players are showing what unbridled effort can do.  If the defense can continue to improve, and refine everything it is doing,  I see one special defense, not seen in years. An interception by senior  linebacker Quentin Franklin early in the second quarter set up the Jackets fourth touchdown.  Relentless defensive line play, sprinters speed at the linebackers positions , and secondary play that allowed only two completions.

How good are these Jackets? Hard to say.  Two weaker teams so far.  Things get harder from here on.  And it begins this Friday night at Homecoming, playing long, long time rival Brady.  Brady ruled Llano for so many years.  Then in 1964 Brady beat Llano 64-6 in Llano.  The Bulldogs lined up to try a field goal( a long field goal) in the final seconds of the game.  That moment changed everything.  Llano has had much success against the Bullddogs, but at least 5 times Brady has knocked Llano out of the state playoffs.  They are always such a minace…..  And when least expecting, they beat you. Two times, when Llano had 8-2 seasons, Brady won.  Both years knocked the Jackets from the playoffs.

Brady Quarterback Walker Bauer’s grandfather, Winfred is in Llano’s Hall of Fame.  He played at TCU.  Walker is starting his second season as starting quarterback, and last season he put 28 points on the Yellowjackets. Brady has 8/9 starters back from last season. And was told they are very unhappy that Llano has them as our Homecoming foe.  (This is considered a subtle slight).  The Jackets get better every practice.  They understand the bigger picture, but understand  you cannot take your eye off the ball.  The ball this week being a sound Brady team.  This Brady team can beat the Jackets, if Llano is thinking about anything else but beating the Bulldogs.  Beating Brady at home is special.  The 64-6 was a rallying cry for many years that fired up the Jackets.  I realize 54 years ago means little today.  But old timers still remember.  Still makes us unhappy.

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