Lago Vista Ambushes Jackets 42-28

The Homecoming Game at Lago Vista was well planned.  The Vikings rolled the visiting Llano Yellowjackets 42-28 in a game that was nearly close.  But the Jackets seemed from the get-go, to not be engaged.

Maybe because do everything junior Case Kuykendall broke his collarbone on the first play from scrimmage.  Maybe that let the air out of the ball for Llano.  Case was leading the Jackets in reception yardage and touchdowns.  A touchdown waiting to happen everytime he touched the ball.  Maybe that is what happened.

If it is…then it is a bad excuse.  Do not let me lighten the load.  Goodness…Case is going to be missed. But this team is one that has the makings of being special.  And one player is not a special team.  Llano’s let down was across the board.  Never would I have ever dreamed that our defense would give up over 500 yards of offense, and allow 42 points.  Never would I ever have thought that Donaven Arrellano would get only 12 yards rushing. after getting 178 yards the week before.  I thought our offensive line was really starting to get good.  Get it together.  and Getting tough.  I had hoped dropped passes would come to a trickle. And we would halt anymore penalties.  We would be priming ourselves to get better everyday, and every practice.  Because we all know…it does not get easier from here on out.  And to meet the goals set forth by this team a month ago, getting better is an everyday thing.

I have no idea how good Lago Vista is, but I do know they can win state if they play teams like Llano every week.  The Jackets must wake up.  This Lago Vista game must be a wake-up call.  Llano must go back to playing with the fire and grit it had the first two weeks of the season.  It must go back to every defensive player being in on the tackle.  Every play must be played at full speed.  That speed of play.  That attitude of everyone being responsible for every play has got to be the rallying  cry.  Leadership must step up.  The seniors must realize this is it.  There are no more next years.  6 weeks now is crammed full of all your dreams.  You have the talent.  You are smart.  Make the Lago Vista your turning point.  Make it your realization that you can beat every team left in the regular season.  But winning is a play to play thing.

Lake View is a 4 A school as is Llano.  They too, took it on the end of the nose Friday Night.  They too have talent.  14 starters back from last season. I bet Lake View players  are looking in the mirror awful hard Saturday morning.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               No one told you this was going to be easy.  But special teams adjust.  Special teams bear down harder.  Cream rises to the top with special teams.  Now is the time for the Jackets to rise up.  Look in the mirror.  And see what you can be.  The next 6 weeks can be the best time of your lives.  Make the most of it.

Not to be all potty mouth…just a few stats from the Lago Vista game:

Jacob Cruz, Jansen Morris, Luke Keller, Quentin Franklin, Joseph Reed, Randall Murray all had good plays…good moments.  Both Aaron Brown and Justin Yocum had interceptions.  Jared Beasley had 154 yards in receptions.  Quincy Prince had 105.  Braxton Vickers now has thrown for over 200 yards in four games, with 322 yards Friday night.  Princes’ 91 yard kick off return was a team effort, and the speed helped.  Edgardo Resnediz,  Cade Ligon , and Aaron Inge  played hard.

Prediction:  Llano 42  Lake View 15

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