Jackets Getting Prepared for Big Test

The 4-1 2019 Llano Yellowjackets travel to Navarro Friday night to play the most important game of the season.  October 11 opens District 13-4A Div. 11 play, with all six teams begin their quest for the District Crown.

The Jackets at 4-1 look to have their best talent, their best stats, and their best preparedness to beat the “thorn in the side” Panthers.  Navarro played in Llano last season, and were so lucky to leave town with a victory.  The Jackets won everywhere but on the scoreboard.  This year, Llano gets the opportunity to return the favor.

Navarro ended last season with an impressive 10-3 record.  Graduated their three year starting quarterback, but return two great running backs, both with over 1,000 yards last season, running out of their very efficient slot-T formation.  If Jansen Morris, Jacob Cruz, Guillermo Davila and Cade Ligon do not make a tackle Friday night, will be fine with me if they can keep blockers off our linebackers to seal off the running attack.  Seniors Quentin Franklin, Ryan Warner, Aaron Inge, Juan Flores, Edgardo Resendiz, and junior Mason Baker make up a great linebacker crew. Gang tackling will  be the key.  Every play, Navarro has to know the Jackets’ defense has shown up.

The Jacket secondary is formidable.  Junior Luke Keller, and seniors Justin Yocum, Joseph Reed, Randall Murray, Logan Duggar, and safety Aaron Brown all can be game changers. ( Jared Beasley and Quincy Prince are strong backups). But cannot go to sleep watching the running game and allow a streaking receiver run by deep, or a running back slip out into the flats.  This Jacket secondary may be as fast as any I have seen.  Play up to their talent and Llano will win.

The Jacket offense is averaging over 40 points per game.  The running game lead by senior Donaven Arrellano can keep the Jackets on the field. And Llano’s offensive line plays a big part here.  No resting plays. (Know the snap count)!! Every play will count.  As the running game goes, so goes the passing attack, averaging over 200 yards per game.  Great receivers with great speed.  “Watching the ball in all the way” is one way that Coach Priem has been teaching this talented group.  Senior quarterback Braxton Vickers will get the receivers the ball.  Catch the ball, and these guys can deliver.  Score 40 and Llano will win.

Last week against Lake View, junior field goal kicker Diego Miguel  tried a 52 yard field goal.  From the angel of “most” in  Jacket Stadium, it was good.  I guess it missed by a few inches.  I bet there were few attempts last week in the State of Texas of 52 yard attempts.  Shows confidence Jacket head Coach Matt Green has in Diego.  May come down to a field goal.  If it does, would not trade Diego for anyone .

Hope Jackets let Diego try to kick off out of the end zone each time.  Jacket coverage on kick offs a bit off.  But great hustle this season by Flores, Warner and Justin Bubenik are not the issue.  Great effort by these seniors.

Over the past 4-5 years, Jackets play just as well on others teams fields as they do at home games.  Feel this plays no part.  Navarro has not seen this version of the Yellowjackets.   Speed can make the difference.  But I think the Jackets 20 seniors will be the difference.  This game is winnable, and these seniors know it.  If they play smart, and play lights out every play, Llano will win.

Navarro is ranked in the top 10 in 4 A, Div 11.  Harris Poll will likely have the Panthers as a 20 point favorite.  Great

Mikel’s  Poll:  Llano 38   Navarro 28


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1 Response to Jackets Getting Prepared for Big Test

  1. Harry Ricketts!! says:

    Can’t wait to see how you beat up the kids this next week. How was the crow that was served up tonight 55 -14. Each week I am amazed at what comments you make and how far out of touch you are with Football. Carry on living in the past and I guess you will remember the long FG try Navarro had at the end of the game eerily similar to Brady years ago!

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