Jackets Stumble…Now Must Get Up

There is no nice way to talk about the Navarro game Friday night.  The 55-14 loss was just not good.  Llano never hit on any cylinders. The timing was off, the tackling was poor, and the offense had little time on the field.  The Jackets can right this ship, but now urgency is foremost.

The Jackets had the ball on offense only 3 plays in the first quarter against #10 ranked Navarro Friday night.  The second quarter not much better.  Four straight three and outs took any semblance of timing away from the Jackets.  Effort was there.  Hustle was there.  But not in a way that produced results.  Junior Jared Beasley  showed up big time with two touchdown catches from senior quarterback Braxton Vickers.  Senior Justin Yocum blocked an extra point kick.  And seniors Jansen Morris and Jacob Cruz had lots of tackles.  Lots.

Can’t dismiss the 95 yards rushing by senior Donavan Arellano.  Or first time to carry the football, Mason Baker picking up 39 rushing yards on 3 carries.  Great to see.  His style so different from Donavens’…..may have found something here.

Jacket defense was worn out by halftime.  31 plays at halftime.  Defense just couldn’t get off the field against the very  experienced slot T offense.  Strong effort from senior Quentin Franklin, Baker and senior Logan Duggar.  Junior Luke Keller played hard.

Maybe we learned something from the Navarro game.  But there is no time to ponder about that.  This week Llano plays the returning State 4 -A State Champion, Cuero.  The Jackets have played Cuero three previous times, one in regular season, and two play-off contest.  Llano is 0-3 against the Gobblers.  The game is in Llano.  But this season may be different.

The Jackets can right this ship with a win over the one win Gobblers.  Cuero will be Cuero.  Always pretty good.  But I do think the Jackets had a bad night last Friday.  And do believe these seniors know they are better than that one game.  They can get back into the play-off picture against a team that is beatable.  The Jackets can run the football.  The team can pass.  And the defense has shown they can play hard and not miss tackles.  This week they must put it all together.  Come out hard in the first quarter. Establish the tone of the game.  I believe Llano will beat Cuero, and forget about the last week, and only look forward to obtaining those goals that were set forth a mere 6 weeks ago.  Winning #5 this week will happen.

Llano 28   Cuero 21.

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  1. artt@nctv.com says:

    I love your columns! Art D

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