Gustafson Stadium Has Llano Connection

Amanda Morgan Center graduated from Llano High School in 2014.

Matthew Center graduated from Llano High School in 2013.

Amanda and Matthew dated in high school, and attended The University of Texas together.  Matt graduated in 2017.  Amanda graduated in 2018.  They got married this past summer, 2019.

Amanda works for a world-wide artificial intelligence firm in Austin.  Matthew works for a one of the largest commercial /residential investment firms in the US, working in Austin.

Matthew, with great help from the former Burnet Head football coach, and the former Brownwood Head Coach, Bob Shipley, received an invite to walk on the Texas University football team in 2013. Matthew played for four years, and graduated in four years. earning the prestigious “Darrell Royal” ring at graduation.

Marvin Gustafson  was a lifetime coach and athletic director in San Antonio.  He was the Athletic Director of the Northside Independent School District for 14 years.  Gustafson Stadium was named after Marvin Gustafson.

Marvin Gustafson was Amanda’s Grandfather.

The Llano Yellowjackets play Sinton in the Area State Playoff Game Friday night, November 22, at Gustafson Stadium at 7:30 PM.

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