Jackets Downed by Sinton in Area Game 41-33

The Sinton Pirates outscored the Llano Yellowjackets Friday night at Gustafson Stadium in San Antonio to advance in the State Playoffs.  The score of 41-33 is not misleading, as the teams scored each time putting the game closer as it went along.  Mistakes on both sides gave opportunity to the other. Llano recovered an onside kick, and recovered a fumble.  Sinton intercepted a Jacket pass late in the game, and forced three punts in the first half.  The score was 27-21 at halftime.

The Jacket’s defense faced two very good running backs that broke many tackles.  Sinton had 9 runs of over 10 yards. And completed 10 passes of over 10 yards.

The third quarter was good for Llano.  The defense forced a fumble and then held Sinton on three series of downs and allowing only 89 yards.  Llano scored late in the third quarter, on a record breaking pass from senior Braxton Vickers to junior receiver Quincy Price for 95 yards. Junior Diego Miguel kicked his third extra point of the night and the score was 27-27. The fourth quarter was not as good to Llano.

Early in the fourth quarter, Sinton scored on a ten yard run. Llano got the ball back.  Braxton completed a 10 yard pass to junior Jared Beasley, and a 29 yard pass to junior Case Kuykendall, but was still forced to punt.  Llano’s defense held on Sinton’s next opportunity.  Great plays by seniors  Quentin Franklin, Jacob Cruz, Joseph Reed and junior Luke Keller.  Sinton punted. The Jackets had completions to Case for 13, and 21 to senior Donaven Arrellano.  Donaven ran for 3 and Case picked up 8 more. But on first down, an interception by Sinton resulted in a return for a touchdown.  The 41-27 score looked tough to overcome.  Llano never quit, and after the kickoff, Braxton completed three straight passes to Jared for three first downs and 40 yards. Then he hit a streaking Quincy over the middle for a 27 yard TD strike, putting the score at 41-34 with 29 seconds to play.

The Jackets played their hearts out.  Never any oh heck….but it was always a great second effort to get back into the game.  Mistakes are part of the game.  Llano just made several more than needed to win this game. Llano finishes the season with a 7-5 record.

The sting of this  loss will last a long time.  Especially for the seniors.  Many seniors had their best games.  Linebacker Logan Duggar was one that was outstanding.  Senior safety Aaron Brown played outstanding on defense, but had a very productive offensive game, carrying the football 7 times for 54 yards, and catching two passes for 37 yards and a TD.

Jansen Morris, despite injuries, was so good, many times running down backs from behind.  Great effort.  Senior Ryan Warner at linebacker too had his best game. Such a dependable linebacker over the past three years.  Justin Yocum, senior cornerback made outstanding play after play.  It was tough guarding the tall Sinton recievers, and making tackles up on the line of scrimmage.

Will take more over the next few weeks as I put together the stats for the record books.  So many records were broken. Senior Braxton Vickers stands out first.  But his 399 yards passing against Sinton was outstanding.  His quarterback rating was an outstanding 129.3 for the game. 179 yards to junior Quincy Prince and two Tds, also a record in playoffs.  Not to be overlooked…Quincy had an 88 yard kickoff return for a TD, in the second quarter, his second of the season., to go along with his 17 TD pass catches this season.   Case caught 7 passes for 73 yards, and Jared had 7 catches for 96 yards and a TD.  Case also had 7 rushes for another 36 yards.  Diego Miguel kicked 4 of 5 extra points.

The numbers are ones we have not seen before.  Record breaking points per game.  Offensive lineman can take a bow.  The receivers were the highest ranked for number of entries.  This week will try to get to record books.  Then talk with you in a week or so.  Hope to make some sense out of this wonderful season, coming to an end way too soon.

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