2019 All District Jackets

OFFENSE: 1st Team:  Quincy Prince-WR- Unanimous-Jr.

Donaven Arrellano- RB- Unanimous-Sr.

Heath Godfrey- OL- Sr.

2nd Team:   Braxton Vickers- Quarterback- Sr.

John Roberts- TE- Sr.

Jared Beasley- WR- Jr.

Case Kuykendall-WR- Jr.

Matthew Whitley- OL- Soph.

DEFENSE:  1st Team: Cade Ligon- DT- Unanimous- Jr.

Jacob Cruz- DE- Unanimous- Sr.

Justin Yocum- DB- Unanimous- Sr.

2nd Team: Jansen Morris-DE- Sr.

Mason Baker- ILB- Jr.

Logan Duggar- ILB- Sr.

Guillermo Davilla- DT- Jr.

Quentin Franklin- OLB- Sr.

Aaron Brown– OLB- Sr.

Honorable Mention:         Luke Hicks- OL- Jr.

Jose Villa- OL- Sr.

Luke Keller- DB- Jr.

Ryan Warner- OLB- Sr.

RETURNING Award Winners:  7 returners will be seniors.  Whitley will be a junior playing in the 2020 season.











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