Vickers All State 4 A II

Braxton Vickers,  Llano High School senior, and LHS record holder in many catagories, including passing for 9 games in a 12 game season for over 200 yards…passing for 2,799 yards in 2019, 36 TD passes in a season, as well as leading the offense to scoring 36.16 points per game, most ever in school history.

Braxton was voted to the second team All State team by the Texas High School Coaches, known as the Padillo Coaches Poll.  Head Llano football coach Matt Green submitted Braxton’s eye popping statistics, and proof was in the puddin….outstanding season by an outstanding young man.

As far as I have been able to find, Braxton is the first LHS quarterback to get such recognition.  So many great LHS quarterbacks in the past…Leroy Finstemaker (Rice), Sherman Bauer (TCU), Shelby Wright ( Tarleton State),  Preston Rabb ( West Texas State), Layton Rabb ( Midwestern),  Cade Fly, and Bradley Kassell ( North Texas State, later the NFL).  Bradley likely came the closest to this recognition, but research says he made All State on defense…one of the best safeties in school history.  Bradley played linebacker in college and in the NFL.

Should information come forward about other LHS quaterbacks getting recognized on this level, be sure I will print it here.


Pre-Season Schedule:           Record Against Teams We Play:   New District:      Past Record:

Gatesville                                              3-5                                         Comfort                2-0

Sonora                                                   5-6                                          Lago Vista           2-2

Austin Crockett                                    Never Played                       Blanco                  4-2

San Saba                                               30-31-2                                   Lulling                 4-0

Ballinger                                               3-3

S.A. Somerset                                       Never Played

Saying Good By To 4-AAAA

The Llano Yellowjackets for the first time in 30 years will start playing schools near the same size as Llano.  Llano had the State Champion in its district 6 times.  Bandera in ’02, Wimberley in ’05, Liberty Hill in ’06 and ’07.   Wimberley again in ’11, and Cuero in 2018.  Four times Llano’s first game in the State Playoffs was against the eventual State Champion:  Rockdale in 1976, Cameron in 1981. Sealey in 1995.  La Grange in 2000. The Jackets played Gatesville in 2000 and Friendswood in 1973, both State Champions.  Burnet, in Llano’s district went to the State Championship game three times, but did not win…1991, 2002, 2003.  You might begin to think that the path to becoming a State Champion…had to go through Llano.   See you in 13-3AAA, Div. I.


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    I o

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    I owe you one or a lot more than that… I ran into Coach Priem today, and Quincy also made 2nd team, All-State……. art

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